Page 1 of Google - is it possible to stay there? (image)

Will SEO get my new business on Page 1 of Google?

Question “Will SEO get my new business on Page 1 of Google?”

“Can my website be on Page 1 of Google?” – I read a forum post today where a tradesman was asking this question, and trying to work out the best way to proceed with his business SEO. One company had promised him “page 1” within 3 months, and 5 months later he is still waiting. Things have changed drastically in Google’s search results with major shake-ups happening on a regular basis – SEO still works, but there are BETTER ways to spend your time these day, to get better results. Read on to see what I suggested.

Page 1 of Google - is it possible to stay there? (image)Hey there,

Welcome to the forum, and bravo for doing so much research to find out what you should be doing to help your business and your website.

I’ve been using SEO and videos to bring traffic to all sorts of websites for quite a few years now, and here’s what I tell my clients:

  • anyone can promise you “page 1 of Google”, but which keyword phrases are they using? and these days – how long will you stay there? (no guarantees)
  • instead of making your goal: “I want to be at the top of page 1 on Google!”, it’s better to be found online for having tons of fantastic information about your business, website & industry, and to be found EVERYwhere offering help to people searching for your kind of services – be the “go to” guy in your niche or industry, and if you do this, clients will find you very easily; you need to attract people who WATCH info (videos, slideshows), LISTEN to info (podcasts, audio files), READ info (web pages, PDFs etc), and wherever else ANYone hangs out who might need your services
  • don’t focus on keyword phrase/SEO as your only source of incoming traffic – put tons of information on tons of websites in different formats e.g. (1) video tips, video Q&As, videos showing what you do – and then do the Video SEO to make them juicy, (2) post PDFs on PDF sharing sites, (3) post slideshows and presentations on slideshow sites, (4) post articles of tips for your potential clients on Tips websites, (5) upload your videos to iTunes to create Podcasts and reach a totally different audience.

This is just the tip of the iceberg (I can suggest more if you like – give me a yell, happy to share), but the most important thing to consider is to provide your info in different formats to reach different kinds of audiences with a far wider reach than you currently have.

We can’t focus on Google for search results and to bring us mases of traffic any more (results are not what they used to be, Google changes their algorithm constantly now so you can be Page #1 Number #1 this week, then drop out of sight next week — too scary for most businesses).

Quote from me – Teena:

I like to tell my clients to focus on what they have control over (lots of fabulous content peppered across the internet, created by them) rather than search engine results (SERPs) which we have no control over.

I love to talk about this and to help my clients come up with clever ways to get their message online in simple, effective ways they’re comfortable with – happy to chat if you’ve got any questions, and best of luck!


Your say on “Page 1 of Google – is it a dream?”

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article about trying to be page 1 on Google, and that it make sense – if not, give me a yell or comment below or on Facebook, Twitter etc – I’d love to chat and hear your thoughts.

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