Want to know which social media platform is best? (image)

Which Social Media platform is best?

Are you wondering which social media platform is best for YOU?

Your social media platform choices might include — Facebook – Twitter – Google +  LinkedIn – and  Pinterest. Eyes glazing over or head spinning trying to work out how, when, where and why to use each of them?

Don’t worry – you’re not alone 🙂

Clients have asked me whether they should:

  1. focus on ALL these social media platforms
  2. focus on specific ones which I recommend
  3. or focus only on the one (or more) that they’re comfortable with.

Have a look at the numbers in this infographic – like me you might find it interesting that there isn’t a straight 50/50 split between men and women, and women prefer some of these while men prefer others.

That’s a hint as to what my answer is in relation to the question above.

Wondering which social media platform is best? (image)

Infographic by  GO-Gulf.com

My answer is …

Each of us is a unique individual with our own likes and dislikes (thank heavens). After spending a lot of time looking at and using many different social media options over the past few years, I have to honestly say that I’m not necessarily a big fan of all of them, but I do feel most comfortable using some of them.

It might be the same for you – you might be quite happy with the zippity fast pace of Twitter tweets, or you might prefer the more chummy community followers of Facebook. Perhaps you really dig Pinterest’s faaaabulously appealing images – or have a penchant for LinkedIn or Google +

So instead of giving you an answer, I’ll ask you another question … which one or two do YOU feel most comfortable using?

That’s the key – consider only using the social media opportunities which you enjoy (for the time being). Some might say I’m mad to make that statement, but I think I’m being realistic – don’t just jump on the bandwagon because the ‘crowd’ says you should/must/can’t miss out! If after you’ve been using the one you enjoy for some time, you think you might like to try another, then absolutely go ahead and investigate it – test the waters, put your toe in and see if you can add that to your social media marketing mix.

Do I think it would be FANTASTIC for you to have a presence on ALL the social media channels? You bet I do – but I also know how easy it is to be overwhelmed by it all too. My advice is to take it in bite-sized pieces, one step at a time.

My take-away thought is that so many of us feel we need to be doing it ALL (and not necessarily well) rather than perfecting ONE strategy and then finding time to test another.

Good luck with whatever you decide on – and keep smiling – marketing YOUR biz for YOU should make you feel giddy with delight every day as you put your name into the online world another baby-step at a time! Bravo, you!

Want to tell me which Social Media platform is best for you?

Or got a question?  I’d love to hear from you – drop a note in the Comments or contact me via any of the other fabulous ways you can. Ciao for now!


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