Why Did You Reply To My Email With An Audio File?

Listen to my explanation 0r read the text below 🙂

Let me explain – each morning when I wake up I have approximately 100 emails in my inbox (and at least another hundred in the spam folder). Some of them are legitimate enquiries and many others are lists etc I’ve subscribed to.

I’ve found it increasingly hard to reply to large numbers of people in an efficient way, so when I heard about this technique recently – and TRIED IT – I was blown away at its simplicity.

So here is my step-by-step way I reply to email with an audio file:

  • I read the incoming email
  • I launch QuickTime (or Audacity) – both free software which allow you to record voice
  • I reply to the email by speaking my response, or answering a question, whatever’s required
  • I save the file (usually named like this:
    • (my name) to (yourname) (day-month-year)
    • teena-to-yourname-02nov2012.mp3 or .mov, depending on how your software saves the file)
  • I save these audio files into one folder specifically for these audio responses
  • I click the Reply button on the email (which is already open)
  • I drag the audio file from the folder onto the email
  • I add the relevant signature file (I use Gmail signatures but there are other excellent solutions out there)
  • then I click SEND.

All of this takes me less than a minute, I don’t have to type up a pretty email, nicely formatted, I just reply.  Easy-peasy.  I hope you enjoy your email audio reply, and I hope you’ll try this out for yourself – go ahead, send me an audio email – I’d LOVE that!

Ciao for now,

Resources for sending an email with an audio file:

QuickTime Player [MAC + PC] – http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/



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