Website Review - where is my website traffic?

Website Review: “Where’s my website traffic?”

Website Review - where is my website traffic?

Easy-to-Understand 7 Point Website Review

People often ask me why :

  • they’re not getting visitors to their site
  • web visitors only look at one page and then leave their site
  • web visitors don’t sign up on their site
  • their website doesn’t seem to appear in the search engine results pages, and much, much more.

The bottom line is, there are little tweaks that can be done to help boost every website – whether it’s to improve the amount of visitors who come to their site, or to encourage visitors to stay longer and click through to other pages, or to sign up for a high-perceived-value irresistible offer, etc.

Website review - what are 7 things your website should have

If you’ve never heard of these tweaks, you might be blissfully unaware all this is happening on your site, until someone asks you about your web statistics (“stats”) and you endeavour to find out. What you discover is that you’re only getting one visitor per day – per week – or even worse, per month, and they don’t click to any other pages and immediately click away from your site.

If this has happened to you, don’t despair – you’re not alone – and YES there is something you can do about it!

Have your website reviewed by someone who specialises in this activity, and can provide helpful, constructive advice on steps you could take. If you’re not able to make the changes yourself, hire someone who can (and yes, I can do this for you).

Would you like me to review your website and provide a short easy-to-understand Report?

If you’d like to give your site the once-over and see what’s going on, I can do a quick Website Report to highlight 7 things I see at first glance, and make quick suggestions on what’s required to remedy them.

If you’d like a more indepth Report, I can do that too – just pop over to my Contact page and let me know, then we’ll chat and see what’s required for your website.

Ready to grab your Website Review?

Please fill in this form for your obligation-free Website Review (as an added bonus, you’ll be added to my mailing list to receive tips about websites, business, and marketing which I hope you’ll enjoy).

Looking forward to chatting soon,

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