12 week website social media tracking sheet for website owners

Want a 12 week website social media tracking sheet?

At least once a week I’m asked about social media, how much, how often, how to — and each person I speak with is going through various desgrees of frazzlement (I just made that up) and overwhelm.

I know that everyone and their dog is saying business owners MUST embrace social media, but after watching how all this works, I’d like to offer a recommendation – my 12 Week Website social media tracking sheet.

  • yes, sign up for social media accounts and make sure you fill in the Profile with a link back to your website
  • now fill in a couple of posts, pix, tweets etc to get the account started so it doesn’t look like a ghost town
  • now take a step away from your computer, go make a coffee, tea or other drink, and give yourself some thinking space away from the computer
  • my question to you is, “If you were only allowed to do ONE method of social media, what would it be? Which one do you actually LIKE doing? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc etc etc?”
  • I suggest do ONE – and only login and use it once a day for 5-10 minutes, then LOG OUT. Do NOT get sidetracked by it all day long.

The reason I suggest you just use one social media technique is that I’m trying to help you avoid overwhelm — so by logging in and then out for a maximum of 10 minutes per day can help make this manageable.

I know – I know – some of you are over-achievers 🙂

There’s no denying that!

Now we’ve got that sorted, and whichever type of personality you are, it’s a good idea to TRACK your social media activity.

Nothing complex or too hard, I promise.

I’ve created a tracking sheet (which I’m attaching as a PDF) so that you can get an idea of how to start monitoring your social media activity, and record some results each week for a period of 12 weeks.  It doesn’t really matter which day you start, as long as you make this a weekly task on the same DAY each week. Here’s what it looks like:

12 week website social media tracking sheet for website owners

All you need to do is write down how many followers you have for each social media account.

If you do this for a week or two, and find that 10 minutes per day of using social media is not overwhelming you, you might like to try 15 minutes per day, and make a note on the sheet when you made the change.

Basically this is just a way to see how your use of social media can increase followers.


Use social media as a conversation starter, find people who have a problem you can solve, and help them. Post links back to your website every so often, and see if your website statistics show that anyone came to your site via your social media account.

By taking things slowly, you will most likely not get caught in the trap of becoming overwhelmed, and that’s a very good thing 🙂

Click the PDF to download the Tracking Sheet:

PDF download


Keep me posted on how your social media engagement works out, I’d love to hear about it. And if you try this social media tracking sheet, let me know how it works out for you.



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Do you already track your social media? Want to share your tips with us? If you do, fantastic! Thanks!


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