Treat your website like a garden - nurture it - Twitter tip 004 (image)

Treat your website like a garden

Treat your website like a garden oasis – Twitter Tip 004

I’ve got two new flowerpots on my office windowsill with geranium cuttings in them, and each day I have a look to see if there are any new shoots or leaves. I really want these geraniums to survive, so I care for them tenderly and talk to them each day – well, ok, you don’t have to talk to your plants if you don’t want to 🙂

Treat your website like a garden - nurture it - Twitter tip 004 (image)

Websites are like gardens – you populate them with images, words, buttons and links and you hope (ever so hard) that they’ll be found online, will be successful, and will bring you potential clients and customers.

And then you sort-of forget about them as you go about building your business. They languish, they never climb up through the searh engine results pages, they never quite reach their potential. In a worst-case scenario, they wither and die.

You can help your website thrive and survive!

Here are some quick steps which will only take a few minutes a day to help your website flourish:

  • add a new page or blog post weekly – if you can write more than one page, fantastic! it doesn’t have to be a novel, just something interesting
  • write a press release and publish/distribute it – then add the PDF to your Media page … you do HAVE a Media page, don’t you?
  • tweet on Twitter at least once per day, and post a link to something interesting on your site a couple of times a week
  • if you don’t like writing or don’t have the time or resources, create a Podcast – daily, weekly, monthly – just make sure it’s regular; distribute it widely, people will get to know about you and it will link back to your website. Create a Podcast page on your site and list all the episodes
  • if you don’t like writing or the idea of podcasting, start a Vlog (video blog) and make a quick video a couple of times a week, or at least weekly, and follow the same steps for the Podcast – publish, distribute, nurture.

These are just a couple of quick ideas on how to add interesting, informative content to your website.

Do YOU treat your website like a garden?

If you nurture your own website or blog, would you like to share your quick tips? Fantastic! Feel free to write in the Comments box or send a Voicemail (using the button on the side of this website), or send me a Tweet or any other way you’d like to connect

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