Treat current customers like gold - they'll love it! (image)

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Treat current customers like gold and really MEAN it

These days everyone is pretty much overwhelmed by hype, pretence and blather – do you treat current customers like gold? If not, it’s time to look at how you do treat them – and see if there’s room for improvement.

If they treated YOU the way you treat THEM, would you be happy with that?

Nurturing your customers and making them feel cherished doesn’t always come naturally, but if you start to treat them better – especially if you haven’t done anything recently to acknowledge them – you might just notice a big change in the business relationship.

Treat current customers like gold - they'll love it! (image)

Everyone wants to feel appreciated – especially your clients and customers – who spend money with you.

Go that extra step to surprise them with your customer service, after sales service or anything which they are not expecting.

If you’re not the touchy-feely type who can call and chat with your clients, how about sending a postcard once a month with a business tip saying, “Thought this might interest you …” – or something similar?

Can you buy something from your customer, so that you become THEIR customer too? This is such a simple idea but can be sooo powerful! Once you are their customer, you can post a Review online about their business or service, you can create an audio, video or written testimonial and MEAN it.

When your customers see what you’re willing to do, they might just follow suit.

Give it a shot – contact your customers today even it it’s just an email to thank them for their continued business, and write from the heart – trust me, they’ll know the difference.

If you aren’t able to become your customer’s client, consider recommending them to a friend or two of yours, and ask them to say that you recommended them – it’ll be a lovely surprise.

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