Testimonials from happy clients of Teena Hughes

Testimonials from happy clients

A few testimonials from happy clients for marketing, websites & mentoring

Simon • Hair & Makeup
Umbi • Cafe Two Ate Nine
Jane • Eyesight Essentials


I’ve received Testimonials from happy clients for website creation and launch, search engine optimisation (optimization – SEO), marketing, branding, computer and website training, Business Plans, Press Releases, business strategy sessions and a whole host of services I’ve provided for more than ten years. You may be interested to read, listen or watch some of these testimonials to get a better understanding of how I help my clients and business owners:

Testimonials from happy clients of Teena HughesTeena, Thank you so much for your time this morning, for showing me so much in the two-hour website “Launch”.  I left your place thrilled with my new website, how it looks, and what I can do.  I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful support and time, sorting out my website & getting me on track.  I am constantly amazed and inspired by your vast knowledge of marketing. Jane Barnes, Business Professional, Melbourne

Lynne's Testimonial • Designer Website • Audio file

To listen to Lynne’s lovely words, please click the arrow to play the audio:

Matt’s Testimonial • Mentoring Sessions • Video


Testimonials from happy clients of Teena HughesI want to give a quick testimonial for Teena – we met about a year ago – whenever we catch up I just walk away with so much information. She gives away so many gems she’s priceless. One idea Teena gave me in the first 5 minutes of one of our meetings was an idea for a new business which was using Skype to create video production. Thanks Teena — I know you give away so much information on your website and in your blogs, thanks for your great work!”  Matt, Ezi Web Video

Testimonials from happy clients of Teena HughesWhen Teena first explained about how to “market” my business, I was skeptical because I had never heard any of this before. I thought I could just put a few flyers on car windscreens and advertise in the local paper, but that wasn’t bringing in any business. I had a Strategy session with Teena and then started following the Marketing Modules – within a few weeks I was blown away by all the places I was being found online, and how many people came to my site AND signed up for my newsletter! It worked – I never would have believed it, but now I’m a believer.

MaryLou, Owner of ML's Bargains UK

Testimonials from happy clients of Teena HughesHey there, Teena!

It was great meeting you on Wednesday (at St Kilda Coffee Meet-up)! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and ideas! I absolutely love your website and look forward to your pdf about branding. Your sentence about focusing on things one has control over has absolutely opened my eyes. I experienced that with Linkedin, I had absolutely no control over how and to who my profile was displayed and all I got was contact spammers and stalkers, but no customers, so I have deleted my account for now and feel relieved to have got rid of another stale profile page and time sucker!

I think your PDF “What does branding mean?” is well written, it gives tips in a nice step-by-step way, so that a newbie to marketing doesn’t feel overwhelmed. There are many blogs and ebooks with marketing tips out there, but what I like about your pdf is that it doesn’t come with a “raised index finger”, meaning you don’t try to show off how amazing you are (like so many other Marketing specialists) and make the reader feel inferior, but one can see that you want to help people. I think you have a very good way of making your audience like your personality, so this is a great thing, since after “like” comes “trust”, so making your clients like you is important.

Looking forward to meeting again – keep up the great work!
Cheers, Nat

Nathalie, Founder of TotalTranslations.org

Testimonials from happy clients of Teena HughesI have met Teena through Flying Solo and I am glad! Teena is a very enthusiastic person, passionate about what she invests her time in and is also so much fun to have a chat with, she is real! What I really like about Teena is that not only her expertise covers anything from the thinking to the doing about your brand or business but she will also ensure you reassess your priorities and tackle one thing at a time. If you were looking for a competent soul to assist you with your business & want to say good bye to procrastination, Teena is your Woman! (Dec 2012)

Alex, Founder & Principal Teacher @ Beyoutiful Yoga

Testimonials from happy clients of Teena HughesTeena your SEO training works! I just had to write to you as I am so excited! I just searched for my main 3-word keyword phrase and my site is now Postion 1 & 2 on both google.com.au and google.com – out of 1.5 MILLION results!!! I can’t believe it and I can’t thank you enough for your SEO Training!! Update  March 2013 – none of my pages have been affected by all the Google algorithm changes – Teena’s SEO was done properly, and brings new traffic every day!)

Anca, AnkaDanka Designs, Australia

Testimonials from happy clients of Teena HughesTeena, thank you for all your help with my website, you’ve been wonderful in guiding us through our first foray into the web and making it all a little less scary! I love your Newsletter! My most immediate result from your fabulous tips was using the 30 Second Elevator Pitch!

Kim Mullins, Australia

Testimonials from happy clients of Teena HughesTeena’s “How to Create SEO-Friendly Images” Video Course:  I thought I was doing this the right way (that is, uploading the images for the website), taking time re-naming them etc. Then I saw this video Teena created and quickly realized I got it all wrong! What I had done did not make any sense. Thank you Teena for showing me the light !!! I am now carefully going through all the images and giving them the correct name that will correspond with the SEO. I can not thank you enough Teena. You are always thinking of making our lives easier.

Sigrun Elivogar, Iceland

Testimonials from happy clients of Teena HughesHello Teena, thank you for your time and patience! Getting great reviews for the website!  The video was perfect. THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES!!!

Chris Mdaps, USA

Testimonials from happy clients of Teena HughesTeena provides fantastic pre-customer service that is unbelievable.  Helpful and knowledgeable are two qualities that don’t always go hand in hand, yet Teena has an unbeatable combination … I would recommend you speak to Teena first and last.  Thanks so much, Teena, you’ve helped so much.

Narelle Stratford, Sydney

Testimonials from happy clients of Teena HughesTeena, You are simply AWESOME!  Thanks for your Website Review. All your comments make such good sense. Thanks. And yes, ANYBODY can benefit from these tips! Thanks so much!!

Marlys Scheurmann, Paris

Testimonials from happy clients of Teena HughesFollowing Teena’s basic one-page business plan, we were able to focus on our goals and clarify our objectives. Thank you so much for helping make a mole hill out of a mountain!

Karen, StarthrowerFoundation, Canada

I’m so thrilled with these testimonials from happy clients – thank you all!

If you’re one of my clients and would like to send me a testimonial, fantastic! I’d be ever so grateful and honoured. Thanks so much! If you’d like to send me a message, you can do so on the Contact page – or give me a call if you prefer, or leave an audio message like Lynne’s above. If you’d like to make me a video testimonial like Matt’s – I ‘d love it!

If you’re not a client of mine, but you like what you read on this page, give me a call on 0408-801-808 (or via any other method like the Contact form, Facebook page, or phone me on 0408-801-808 in Australia) – I’d love the chance to hear about your business and how you think I may be able to help. Let’s talk soon, cheers, Teena!

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