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How to make website links open in a new page

This week a client emailed me to ask how to make website links open in a new page.

She had remembered me telling her to open these links in “new” browser windows so that her website would remain open in the background. If this step wasn’t done, the new website link would override her website, and the visitor could potentially forget where they’d been in the first place.

My client’s website is using WordPress.org and I made a snapshot to show her how to do it (see below).

The steps are:

How does a website work?

How does a website work?

How does a website work

If you’ve never built a website before, you first question is probably, “How does a website work?”

When I’m contacted by new potential website clients, I share diagrams and outlines to explain the process and what goes into building a site. Some people come to me who already have either a sketch, or a list of things they’d like, or a few website links of websites they like – and this is a great start. Others come to me and just “want a website” but don’t really mind what it looks like.

Don't delete your blog!

Stop! Don’t Delete Your Blog Until You Read This

Don't delete your blog!

Don’t delete your blog unless you’re shutting down your business

Yes, that’s right – one of the only reasons I can think of to shut down a blog or website is if you’re going out of business, and never want to receive any benefit from it again. If you’re just tired of it, or think it’s full of old information — STOP — now read on, I hope I can change your mind.