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Quick Cache Exception Thrown - Error message

How to fix error message Quick Cache Exception Thrown

One of my websites just displayed the error message, “Quick Cache Exception Thrown”.

Quick Cache Exception Thrown - Error message

Find a fix for the Error Message

None of the web pages were displaying so I quickly did some research and discovered that after upgrading some software, the website was expecting PHP 5.3 software, but didn’t find it on the server, so displayed nothing.

The hosting company has very thorough Help systems, so after a quick search for this particular error message I discovered that yes – the server did have the required software, but my site’s “htaccess” file had been created before the PHP software upgrade was installed

How can I get found online by potential clients?

Podcast 004 : How can I get found online?

How can I get found online by potential clients?

“Teena, how can I get found online?” – would you like to know the secret?

Together with, “How can I boost my business?” – these are the two questions I am asked over and over as small business owners struggle to find clients and bring revenue into their business.

In today’s podcast (004) I show you a few very simple techniques you can start immediately – and if you follow my suggesion and do ONE of these each week – you’ll slowly start to build a ‘portfolio’ of your knowledge and expertise online. I explain the importance of creating WEEKLY CONTENT and publishing in many places online, so you can find potential customers and clients in MANY places online, so they can get to know you and your expertise.