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How can Yahoo Answers help my website?

How can Yahoo Answers help my Website?

Samantha asked me, “Can Yahoo Answers help my website?”

I was pleased to be able to share my first-hand knowledge with her, as this is something I’ve used in the past to bring traffic to different websites.

It’s quick – it’s easy – and you only answer questions about the topic related to your website, so your knowledge will shine through. The bonus is that you are starting a simple technique to help brand you and your website.

Why you need a Media page

If you’re not sure why you need a Media page, you’d better read closely – this is one of THE most important pages required on your website if you want to brand yourself and your business, and if you want to make it easy on journalists and the press.  Media marketing is an extremely important part of every business, so whenever there is a mention of your business anywhere – online or offline – make sure to mention it on your Media page of your website.

How do I post a question to you?

How Do I Post A Question To You?

How do I post a question to you?

“How Do I …?” questions are always welcome!

Asking yourself, “How Do I …?” do something related to your website, your marketing, branding domain names, hosting, etc etc etc?

“Teena, how do I post a question to you?”

I’d love to help – all you need to do is :

  • send me a Voicemail (by recording your voice on your computer or smart phone, then emailing it to me])
  • or send an email by clicking the Contact button in the Menu
  • or pop over to my Facebook page, Twitter page or Youtube Channel
Biz Marketing Tip 001 - sign up for Google Alerts (image)

Biz Marketing Twitter Tip 001

Twitter Tip 001 – do this before everything else

One of the very first things you need to do for your business is to create GOOGLE ALERTS.

These are clever little ‘marketing robots’ who search the internet high and low to see if you’re mentioned anywhere.