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Podcast 014 Backup iPhone Images and videos

Podcast 014 How to Copy and Backup iPhone Images and Videos

This week’s Podcast is about taking control of your iPhone images and videos.  I prefer not to use Apple iCloud storage, so I researched a better way to have total control over my images and videos, and where to store and back them up.

Listen to the Podcast:

Transcript of Podcast 014 How to Copy & Backup iPhone Images & Videos

Hidee ho everyone! How’s life in your neck o’the woods been this week?

How great leaders inspire action

How Great Learders Inspire Action – TED Talk

Speech by Simon Sinek at TED

Listening to Simon’s talk “How great leaders inspire action”, I was drawn in to his beliefs, his thoughts and comparisons, and the stories of those people and companies he highlighted. From Wilbur & Orville Wright through to Apple Inc, this is a fascinating speech and gave me much food for thought. Perhaps you might enjoy it too – I’d love to hear from you on this.