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St Kilda Coffee Mornings in FlyingSolo announces St Kilda Coffee Mornings

Coffee Club ended in July 2013
Thanks for dropping by — I had a great year of terrific coffee and excellent company in the cafes of St Kilda, but I moved north to warmer climes in August 2014. For other local coffee groups, check out FlyingSolo and – have fun! Teena

Whilst drinking my coffee this morning and reading the FlyingSolo newsletter, St Kilda Coffee Mornings jumped off the page! Woohoo, that’s me!

Yes, we’re famous! Well, sort of 🙂

I announced my St Kilda Coffee Mornings for the first time on FlyingSolo earlier this week, had my Launch Date of Wednesday to get the ball rolling, and got my first attendee to show up (thanks Matt!).

I want to tell you about the power of getting to know local people and building relationships – these coffee mornings are a great way to achieve this, and for me there’s the added bonus that I am meeting new people in my newly-adopted city (I moved here from Sydney recently).

St Kilda Coffee Mornings announcement by FlyingSolo (image)I recommend you find online forums where business people meet (like which currently has 52,573 members), find out if they allow announcements about potential “meet ups” and if they do, go ahead and schedule one.

Tip – don’t ask everyone “which date & time is best” because you get a bunch of different answers and it’ll take forever to get things off the ground.

Just go for it – pick a day that week or the next, set a time, and announce it.  You can always make changes later, but the key is in actually DOING IT – getting started.

My idea for my local St Kilda Coffee Mornings is to NOT make this about networking:

  • no Agenda, no Minutes
  • no 3 minute pitch about what each person does
  • no interminable speeches about networking
  • etc etc.

For me it’s the cameraderie of meeting new locals who might work from home or on their own, building friendly relationships, talking about issues we experience each week – and then offering helpful suggestions which we can all benefit from.

If you meet someone whose services you can use, fantastic! If you can recommend one of your own friends or colleagues to someone here, fantastic! But no pressure. Ever.

If you’re on and you’ve found this page from that Meet Up forum page, welcome! If you’ve found me because you’re looking to meet with folks in St Kilda, welcome!

Join in at the St Kilda Coffee Mornings

I’ll post the next upcoming St Kilda Coffee Mornings‘ date and time on the forum and here on my site and I’d love to meet you. Give me a call in advance if you like (0408-801-808), it’s nice to know how many folks can make it and grab enough tables for us all 🙂

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