Quick Questions and Answers about Marketing

Quick Questions and Answers about Marketing

Today’s quick questions and Answers About Marketing come via Facebook

Quick Questions and Answers about Marketing

Question 1 via a Facebook business group:

On one of my business groups, a business owner posted this request:

I have a fast-growing, highly engaged natural hair community. By *natural hair* I mean ethnic women who choose not to use chemical hair straighteners.

Think of it like this: “I’ve got big hair and I don’t care!”! I started the group as a hobby, but would love ideas for how to monetize it. They want healthy, long hair and ideas for styling it. They are addicted to hair products and how-to videos. There are a TON of free hair tutorials online. It’s ridiculous. I don’t want to make hair products or start a magazine.

Right now I don’t market anything in the group, but I do have a health and wellness network marketing biz, am a speaker, author and success coach. What other ideas cross your mind?

My response:

Excellent question, here’s my quick Marketing Strategy for you.

You probably already have a zillion questions people have asked about ‘natural hair’, so here are a few simple steps you could take:

  • gather those questions, answer them, then turn them into a book and self publish – it doesn’t have to be huge, just a handy book filled with your knowledge about all the different issues around natural hair
  • turn each question into your own Video Q & A (yes I know there are zillions videos already out there — but they don’t feature YOU) πŸ™‚
  • each of these mini videos becomes a mini advertisement for your site, FB group or wherever else you’d like to post it — and there are a TON of places to post videos!
  • after you’ve made about 20+ of those videos answering questions all about hair, start interviewing women over Skype or in person asking them about the issues they’ve had and how they solved them — and then turn those interviews into a series of videos for folks to follow — or to buy
  • take all the Q&A videos AND interview videos and package them as a DVD and sell on amazon etc.

As a Speaker, it’s always a great idea to have something to give away or sell at your events, so when your book is published it’s possible to buy in bulk at a wholesale price, and sell those at the back of the room. A book is the perfect ‘business card’ these days too, and being perceived as a successful Author is an added bonus.

I hope these ideas make sense — if they don’t, please do get in touch and I’ll answer any questions you have.

Fingers’ crossed these ideas could help you come up with some ways to create a new revenue stream or two — and don’t forget to have fun!

Cheers, Teena!

Question 2:

My business is bookkeeping & tax returns I’m struggling a bit with what type of e-course or book I could create that would be of real use to people. Can I ask you lovely people – would you rather learn to do it yourself or pay someone to do it? And then how do I market my service?

My response:

I put my thinking cap on and here are a few quick thoughts:

  • search Facebook groups where people might need your services, ask them to answer a quick questionnaire (on the group or provide a bitly link to a form off the page)
  • the best question/questionnaire could be along the lines of “what are your greatest fears or problems with bookkeeping and tax?”
  • once you’ve got a ton of replies, each one can be a chapter in your book or module in your e-course
  • remember to always find out what the “pain” is (where your product is the solution) and
  • help solve the pain (whether you teach HOW to do something or just explain the solution), then offer yourself as the ‘best’ solution.

Best of luck! Let me know how yu get on, or if you have any questions!


Question 3:

I have questions around my social media strategy.

I have just re-branded myself and my new website is ready to shine — the problem is I am VERY INEXPERIENCED when it comes to FB: I have never been active on my private account and this is my 2nd ever post on a group! Yet, I have put a list together of all my posts for the coming 6 months (to be put on a biz page I wanted to create) and blog articles subjects.

But I have been advised that the content of the posts I have would better fit a FB group rather than a biz page, and as I have really little time on my hands, was advised to not create a biz page and only create a group.

I like the idea of a group because as a counselor and life-coach I love supporting others in their heart and so a group setting where people can share their successes, disappointment, aspirations etc sounds so great to me.

But, my worry is how I can let people know about the group if I have no biz page?Β 

And also, if I want to share about my blog or some special offer I have etc, how do I do? I am thinking of trying to build my friends’ tribe on my private account as I don’t use it for private matters anyway but it still feels like mixing things and also I am not sure if I am allowed to talk about biz stuff on private pages

Could you kindly let me know what you think?

My Reply:

This is a great question!

Here’s something I have done in the past and which I always recommend to my clients for one step of their marketing plan.

  1. I suggest they put their great info on the website/blog as blog posts to start with (becasue they OWN their website)
    • post about it on social media (like FB)
    • and post a LINK back to the blog post.
  2. This covers two different types of potential clients
    • those who want to stay on FB and
    • those who are happy to pop over to your website, read your fabulous stuff, and get on your Mailing List by deciding to sign up for your irresistible freebie.
  3. This way you will start to grow your mailing list, which doesn’t always happen on FB when you’re starting out.

Creating a Facebook Group is a great idea, remember to make sure you specify in the Group’s Description how much time you’ll be there though so you don’t check in 50 times a day πŸ™‚ Facebook can become a real time-waster if you don’t set a timer.

  • for example, 30 mins between 9-10am Mon-Fri

But you do need to be able to get the email names of your followers to help build your list.

My tip when you’re getting started — always create a blog post to build your own brand on your website first (where you own all your own data), then share in the social places you’re happy to visit.

Please do let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help!


Your Say About These Quick Questions and Answers about Marketing

Do you (1) have any other suggestions for any of these folks? Please do share, I’d love to hear them — or (2) do you have any questions? Let me know and we can chat – email me via this website Contact form or over on Facebook etc.

Ciao for now,

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