50 Quick and Easy Website Tips by Teena Hughes

Kindle Book Launch: 50 Quick and Easy Website Tips

Teena Hughes has launched her first Kindle book and received great reviews already.

50 Quick and Easy Website Tips by Teena Hughes


I am thrilled to announce the launch of my first Kindle book — the Press Release has been published on >>



Press Release Published by Teena Hughes

Local Businesswoman Teena Hughes Hosts International Womens Day Breakfast – Gold Coast, Australia


PRLog (Press Release) - 4 March 2014

Many women working from home or as one-person businesses have stories to share, whether extraordinary or simple stories, and sharing them boosts the local community’s knowledge  of their neighbours and business owners.

Teena Hughes has come up with a solution – the Gold Coast Coffee Meet-ups are held on Friday mornings on the Gold Coast of Australia.

7 Easy Steps Help Local Businesses Get Found On The Internet


PRLog (Press Release) - Feb. 1, 2013

A free video series titled, “7 Fastest Ways to Start Marketing Yourself Online” has been created by local businesswoman Teena Hughes.

“The biggest issue many business folks suffer from is absolute overwhelm – going from having a great idea to actually running a business is a big step, and suddenly the business person finds themselves responsible for staff, advertising, marketing, and a whole host of other skills they’re unprepared for.” says Teena Hughes.

Local Businesswoman Teena Hughes Launches Luscious Lattes in St Kilda every Wednesday

Many people working from home or as one-person businesses need someone to bounce ideas off but it’s hard when you work alone. Teena’s solution – the St Kilda Coffee Meet-ups held on Wednesday mornings in Melbourne, which started 8 weeks ago.


PRLog (Press Release) - Dec. 16, 2012

Teena invites solopreneurs, freelancers, work-at-home Mums and Dads, small business & micro business owners to connect with similar folks once a week. It serves many purposes:

  • ■ gets you out of the house
  • ■ puts you in a relaxed atmosphere in a local cafe

Businesswoman Teena Hughes Does It Again! Shows Local Businesses How To Get Found On The Internet!

Teena Hughes, author of soon-to-be-published book “Don’t Just Build A Website, Build A Brand!” has taken the pain out of owning a website, by showing business & website owners how to finally take control of their business and brand on the internet.


PRLog (Press Release) - Dec. 2, 2012

Teena’s Seminar, “Build A Brand, Not Just A Website” is being held in Footscray on Wednesday 5th December 2012, and is aimed at small and micro business owners, website owners, freelancers, work-at-home folks – anyone who’s struggling to find clients and customers on and off the internet.