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Press Release Courses

Press Release Courses with Teena Hughes

Course PR001: 4 Steps to a Great Press Release

Start date: Any date you choose!
Duration: 4 Days

Course Fee:   $A39.00

Press Release Distribution builds brand recognition (image)Video Tutorials – Course Content:

  • Day 1 – Step 1 : Storytelling – coming up with the idea
  • Day 2 – Step 2 : Creating – filling in the blanks
  • Day 3 – Step 3 : Publishing & Distributing – where & how
  • Day 4 – Step 4 : Tracking – when & where your Press Release is mentioned online.

Student Minimum Requirements:

  • A desire to learn & an ability to send an email & type a document on a computer.
  • Access to the internet.
  • Broadband connection with the ability to view streaming videos online.

The 4 Day Overview

The Course will be delivered via daily emails, starting as soon as you make your payment and sign up:

  • one Video Tutorial per day
  • in each email will be Course Notes and a link with login information for that day’s online Video Training
  • Template & PDF instructions will also be included where required
  • BONUS! One 15 minute phone call for any student who needs help; bookings can be made via a Form inside the Course
  • 30 Day Refund Policy from date of payment
  • Certificate of Attainment when the First Press Release is published online, and the Course has been successfully completed.

Press Release Courses Register :

Step 1:  Pay with Paypal or Credit Card

Once you make your payment:

  • you will receive a RECEIPT via email
  • and you will be taken to a Thank You page on this website
  • then follow Step 2 …

Step 2: You will need to fill in the Registration Form on the next screen in order to receive the Daily Emails


Press Release Courses Guarantee is 30 Days (image)

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