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Press Release Course PR-001 Next

Press Release Course PR-001

Thank you for your Payment

Step 2 is registering for the “4 Steps to a Great Press Release Course”!

Please add your name to the Course Registration List below to ensure that you receive your Course via email – there are more instructions BELOW.


What happens next?

1.  You will see a new screen which has a message like this:

Press Release Course - almost done (image)

2.  Now go check your email software – you will receive an email reply from us, which will look like this in your Inbox:

Press Release Course Inbox (image)

3.  Please open it as you MUST CLICK THE LINK INSIDE IT to confirm you will be attending the Course; the email contents will look something like this:

Press Release Course Click the Email Link (image)

Once you’ve done that, YOU’RE ALL SET!

Excellent! You’ll receive your first email from me on Monday.

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