Podcast 014 Backup iPhone Images and videos

Podcast 014 How to Copy and Backup iPhone Images and Videos

This week’s Podcast is about taking control of your iPhone images and videos.  I prefer not to use Apple iCloud storage, so I researched a better way to have total control over my images and videos, and where to store and back them up.

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Transcript of Podcast 014 How to Copy & Backup iPhone Images & Videos

Hidee ho everyone! How’s life in your neck o’the woods been this week?

Teena Hughes here with some tips and tricks to help you this week.

I’ve been having a great time — I started a weekly Friday coffee meet-up in a local cafe AT THE BEACH (The Beach Shack in Currumbin near the Gold Coast of Australia) and I’ve had some delightful local business folks come along and enjoy the view — and the coffee — with me 🙂

None of us like structured networking get-togethers, so it’s more of a weekly catch up and a chat about business, questions, looking for resources and recommendations, and life in general 🙂

Last Friday we covered podcasting and I talked about a new technique I’ve just started using which makes my podcasting super fast and easy. We also covered partnerships and knowing when to break away on your own.

One of my guests specialises in helping you find your ideal career, especially if you’ve been retrenched or you’re at a crossroads and not sure which way to go.

We’re meeting up again tomorrow (which is Friday in Australia) and I’m really looking forward to it.

This week I also met up with some old friends, one I hadn’t seen for a year, and the other for 20 years! The best part is it was just like I’d seen them yesterday.

We got talking about technology as we all placed our iphones and androids on the table in the cafe, and before long we started sharing tips about storage of smart phone images etc.

I mentioned that on my iphone I don’t save my images to the cloud anymore, as I’d rather have instant access to them.

All you android and PC users out there, don’t fret — I don’t use a Windows PC but there are bound to be tons of great tips similar to this on the internet. Listen to this and take notes anyway, then work out what the Windows equivalents are. If any of you smart cookies would then like to SHARE that info with me, I’ll interview you on an upcoming Podcast so we can share the info with all the Windows boffins out there. If you can do this before next Friday my time, that’d be fantastic!

ok – here we go!

Grab your pen and paper or start typing as I share how I manage photos on my iphone.

— all photos are saved in my Camera Roll, so that’s what I’ll be talking to you about today. If you’re anything like me, those photos can add up fast!
— I store my photos off the phone in 2 places

–1– I create a free dropbox.com account, and then add the Dropbox app to my iphone, type in my login details, and I’m all set to go.

Whenever I want to send photos to my dropbox account, I open the app (or better still I ask Siri to OPEN DROPBOX – works a charm 🙂 —

I click the PHOTOS icon at the bottom of the iphone screen which has a red dot on it, showing how many new photos there are

I will then see the CAMERA UPLOADS screen and the upload starts automatically. When it’s done, I close the APP

so that’s the first step, and I can do this whenever I’m in a wifi zone.

— 2 — the second step is to copy the images to an external hard drive I use as a backup connected to my laptop when I’m in my office.

On the backup hard drive:
– I created a FOLDER called IPHONE IMAGES & VIDEOS
– inside that folder I created another folder called DROPBOX-08 (or whatever you like)
– I number my dropbox accounts, as I have several for different projects. I also fill up dropbox photo and video folders about once a month or two, so then I create a NEW dropbox account for the next batch of uploads I’ll have.

I also got in the habit of creating a new EMAIL NAME to match the DROPBOX number, so I’ll have an email name like dropbox-07@ my domain name, then I’ll used that to open a new dropbox account, and number the FOLDER on my backup drive with “DROPBOX 07” to match the email login name. It’s simple, and it works for me.

Now we’ve created the WHERE, so what about the HOW?

On my MacBook, I downloaded free software called IMAGE CAPTURE FOR MAC. It’s a very nifty little system.

As soon as I plug my iphone INTO MY MAC (not into a wall socket) to charge, the Image Capture software opens automatically.
— you can set it to automatically ELETE photos and videos once they’re copied, but I choose to leave them on the phone so I can decide what I’d like to leave on the phone.

So here’s what happens.

  • I plug my iphone into my MacBook
  • Image Capture opens on my MacBook
  • I open the folder on my backup drive where I want to COPY the images and videos TO, paying attention to the IMAGE NUMBER which was the LAST ONE copied into the folder
  • then I go back to Image Capture
  • now I search for that last image number I’d already copied previously, and I click the next photo number AFTER THAT just once
  • I scroll to the last of the photos in the list, hold down the SHIFT KEY, and click, which selects all the recent photos and videos
  • I make sure the backup folder is visible on the screen, and I simply drag those photos over to the folder, and wait
  • you can watch the process at the bottom of the Image Capture screen.

TIPS — this will not work unless you iphone is plugged directly into your Mac.
If it is plugged into a USB hub of any description, it may not work (in my experience at least).

Once everything’s copied, I can go back to IMAGE CAPTURE and delete images and videos one by one, or Apple/Command key and click the ones I want.

I can then click the DELETE button, which automagically and fabulously easily deletes the images off my iphone.

Easy peasy!

I just got a great tweet on Twitter which I’d love to share with you — a twitter follower called GOOD PODCASTS wrote: “The internet marketing podcasts from@bizmktginabox are great bite sized pieces of practical advice for your website”

Testimonial for this Podcast

Hey there Good Podcasts! Thanks so much for the very kind words! You’ve made my day! I’ll be checking out your tweets very soon!

So what’s next?

I get lots of questions from folks asking me how to do different tasks or marketing processes, and I’m working on some solutions for that right now. In the next podcast I hope to announce at least one of the new courses, and a new service I’m very excited about sharing.

So until then, this is Teena Hughes saying cheerio for now, it’s been great chatting with you, don’t forget to get in touch, ok?


So listeners, have you got any questions for me? Would you like to comment on any of these questions today that we’ve had? Do you want to know the answer to anything at all regarding your website or your business? If you do, then give me a yell. I’d love to help you and then if you’re ok for me to talk about it on the podcast, I’ll feature you on an upcoming podcast.


For another option that I’d like to offer you, I would like to interview some business owners, some website owners. And it’s a great way for you to get some free advertising on my podcast. And it would also be a really good way for me to be able to interview someone who may have a question for me, and then I can answer their questions while I have them on the phone or on Skype, or whatever we choose to do and make it part of the podcast.

So, how does that sound? I hope you get in contact because that would be terrific. I’d love to do that.

Ok, so that’s it for today’s podcast. I do hope you enjoyed the questions and if you have any of your own, as I said, don’t forget to head on over to the website and post them to me.

The website is BizmarketinginaBox.com – all you need to do there is click the contact link in the menu to get started.

So, its cheerio for me – and goodbye from Teena. Well, that’s me. (My small attempt at humour like the Two Ronnies from years ago!)

So, let’s talk soon. If you need help with a website, video tutorials, video marketing or anything else to help your business, give me a yell, I’d love to hear from you.

Ciao ciao for now.

This is Teena.

Bye Bye.

Your Say

Would you like to share with us? Real stories from real people help everyone to know they’re not alone in any situation, so I look forward to hearing from you. Until next time!

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