How can I get found online by potential clients?

Podcast 004 : How can I get found online?

How can I get found online by potential clients?

“Teena, how can I get found online?” – would you like to know the secret?

Together with, “How can I boost my business?” – these are the two questions I am asked over and over as small business owners struggle to find clients and bring revenue into their business.

In today’s podcast (004) I show you a few very simple techniques you can start immediately – and if you follow my suggesion and do ONE of these each week – you’ll slowly start to build a ‘portfolio’ of your knowledge and expertise online. I explain the importance of creating WEEKLY CONTENT and publishing in many places online, so you can find potential customers and clients in MANY places online, so they can get to know you and your expertise.

Ready? Click to listen to this 11 minute podcast:

To get found, you need to be visible by sharing your knowledge or expertise, showing HOW you help people with your products or services.

Add a CALL TO ACTION to everything you publish, to bring people back to your site to sign up for your “irresistible offer” or giveaway.
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Takeaway Tips for “How can I get found online?” podcast

  • create at least ONE PIECE OF CONTENT per week for your business
  • add it to your website AND upload it to a relevant website online (articles are uploaded to article websites, press releases are uploaded to press release websites, etc)
  • make sure each piece of content has :
    • a link pointing back to ONE RELEVANT PAGE on your site (not your Home page)
    • your contact details – as many ways to connect with you as possible
    • a CALL TO ACTION – what do you want the reader TO DO after they read, watch, listen to your content?
    • make sure there is a SIGN-UP form on your site so you can get their email name in exchange for an irresistible offer, giveaway, ebook, free consultation, discount, limited-time trial of your product or service
  • once you have their email name – build a relationship first so they get to know, like and trust you, let them know about your products and services in a conversational way, do NOT try to sell to them constantly
  • do all of this and you’re on your way to :
    • becoming known in your field
    • sharing your knowledge and expertise
    • being found in MANY PLACES on the internet, NOT just your website.

There are many more ways to be found online, and these are a few to get you started.

Create a Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Plan – in advance – and work out WHAT you are going to create each week, so that every Monday you can look at your Plan and know what your first goal is for that week.

I hope you’ve got some ideas after listening to this podcast – if you’d like to hear more, you can subscribe on iTunes (click the Podcast link in the sidebar of this page) or pop over to my Podcast page for the list of podcasts).

Enjoy! Send me a question if you have one about “how can I get found online?” or anything else, or share my podcast if you enjoyed it (Facebook / Twitter / etc)- thanks in advance 🙂

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