Website Design Tips - avoid these 3 mistakes

New Website Design Tips – Does your Web Designer Know How To Avoid These 3 Big Mistakes?

Does your web designer know how to avoid these 3 big mistakes

I have many people come to me asking to review their websites after they’ve had it built, redone, redesigned, overhauled etc and to give them some website design tips.

3 Simple Website Design Tips & How To Avoid These Common Mistakes

When I go to each site I look at 3 things which can tell me straight away whether their web designer has done a great job.

Website Design Tips Number 1Mistake #1 – Making All the Title Tags Exactly the Same

The Title tag is the text which appears at the very top of a browser when you’re on any web page. If you go to your website, look at the Title tag for your home page, then click through each page and see whether the Title tag changes from page to page. If it doesn’t, you’re in trouble – you need to fix this a.s.a.p. The search engines will get very confused if all your pages have the same Title tag.

This example shows Title Tags which are correct – each one is unique:

Website Design Tips about Title Meta Tags

This example shows how the Title tag looks in different locations – typed once, appears the same in each place:

New website design tips - Title meta tag examples in 3 places

What to do instead:

On a sheet of paper, or a document online, or in a spreadsheet, write the following as Column Headings:

— What my page is about — Title tag — New Title.

So in the first column, write your website page names, for example: Home, About, Contact etc. In the second column, write down the Title tag you can see for each of those pages. In the 3rd Column, write a few words about what each page is about (this will be your new Title Tag), for example the About page could say, “About Teena Hughes – Website & Business Marketing Strategist –”. For each page, make the Title –only– about that one page.

Website Design Tips Number 2Mistake #2 – Making All the Description Tags Exactly the Same

Every single website page needs a Description tag which is only about that one page. If all your Descriptions are the same, when your website pages appear in search results and they’re listed one under the other, the person looking at the screen won’t know what to click on because each page has exactly the same information. This is a very bad practice and your site will be penalised for doing this. To see what your Description tag contains, you can view one page in a browser, then in the browser menu search for something like “View Source”. Search for the word “description” and you should find it as a “Meta” tag, and will be able to read the contents for one page at a time.

Website Design Tips Description meta tag needs to be unique

What to do instead:

Add another Column to the list from Mistake #1 – name the column Description. Copy/Paste what the current Description is. The idea is to now make it relevant and better. Whatever you wrote as the Title tag, expand on it and write several phrases or 1-2 short sentences as your Description. Use some of the keyword phrases which you’ve already written for that page, so they match. This makes the search engines very happy.

Website Design Tips Number3Mistake #3 – Making All the Keyword Tags Exactly the Same

I often see websites where all the keywords and keyword phrases are exactly the same for every page, or every product on a website store. This not only confuses the search engines, it can harm your site by confusing your website visitors. If you clicked a link expecting to see pink umbrellas, and instead you landed on a page about orange shoes, you’d be annoyed and disappointed, I bet. To see what your Keywords tags contain, you can view one page in a browser, then in the browser menu search for something like “View Source”. Search for the word “keywords” and you should find it as a “Meta” tag, and will be able to read the contents for one page at a time.

What to do instead:

Add another Column to the list from Mistake #1 & 2 – name the column Keywords. Copy/Paste what the current Keyword list for each page on your website. The idea is to now write keywords relevant to one page only, at a time. Make it easy for folks who find you in a web search. For your Keyword Tags, use words and phrases which match the content written on the page, match the product or service on the page, and match words in both the Title and Description tags.

You should have access to your website’s Dashboard (or “back-end”) to make changes to your websites “Meta Tags” – if you do you can now make the changes based on the sheet of information you’ve created. If you don’t have access, ask your web designer to do this – it should be at no cost or very little cost as it’s a simple task (especially when you email them your document with the new information on it).

NOTE:  Many people say Keywords don’t matter any more and for some search engines that’s definitely true, however I think it gives you – the website owner – better focus if you need to think of the ONE keyword or keyword phrase for each page, and then consider a couple of other relevant ones which you can also write about within the content. The choice is yours, but it certainly can’t hurt your site – especially if you have an online Store.

Summary of website design tips

Follow all these steps and you’re well on the way to improving how the search engines look at and display your website pages in the search results. If you’d like a website review to know if your website designer has done a great job, you’re going to love my Easy-to-Understand 7 Point Website Review which will discuss 7 things about your website, and what you can do to fix them.

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If you like my ideas, I’d love to get to know you and help you with your business and website marketing – join the many folks who’ve already followed my video tutorials on “7 of the fastest way to start marketing yourself“. Ciao for now, this is Teena Hughes saying, “See you soon!” and I hope you enjoyed these website design tips.

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