Mobile website before and after

Mobile Websites for everyone – quick!

Did you know Google treats mobile websites differently from normal websites?

Find out how – watch this quick video!

Check out the display on the mobile phones below

The website on the left is the normal website, but when viewed on a mobile phone the text is so tiny and it’s impossible to read and navigate.

The website on the right is so much easier to use for people on mobile devices – they want info fast, they don’t want to have to scroll and scroll and scroll. The buttons are BIG, click to call on every page, each page loads blazingly fast because it’s not a 200 or 2,000 page website – it’s only the info your mobile visitors need – who, where, how to call etc. Add coupons if your business supports daily deals or specials, easy to set up and maintain. Easy peasy!

Mobile website before and after

• so your business can be found by more potential customers!

• so you can get DOUBLE the SEO benefits!

• and website visitors can find you faster!

also PERFECT as a gift for someone, a teenager, home hobbyist, work-at-home business.

When your fast-loading mobile site is easier for visitors to zip around, they’ll  find exactly what they want!

Your new Mobile Site can be ready within 7 days.

Ready? Let’s do it!

Letme and  my team an build you a Mobile Website :

My retail price is $295.00

(My SPECIAL PRICE for Nov 2014 was $99.00 for the first 50 buyers)

Who’s this for?

Anyone who needs customers or clients, anywhere in the world,

or who needs to be found on the internet.

Anyone who already has a regular website.

Anyone who doesn’t have a website yet.

Anyone who needs a mobile website.

Artist, accountant, mechanic, doctor, lawyer, trainer, dog walker, cafe, restaurant, camping & fishing store, author, yoga teacher, corporation, small business, work-at-home entrepreneur, medium business, large business, carpenter, plumber, car sales, art store — absolutely everyone who wants to boost their business, and get more sales!

What’s the catch??

I’d like some folks to test out the buttons, links etc and make sure everything works perfectly — so I’m offering you a huge discount as my way of saying “Thank you!!”

I’d also love some great testimonials from people who are using my mobile websites — and that’s where I also need your help.

If you like your new mobile site, please send a testimonial (video is best – I’ll provide easy instructions for you) — I’d like to add it to my website and marketing efforts – and you get recognitiion for YOUR business at the same time — is that a fair deal? You’re right, it is a fair deal! 🙂

PLUS it’s a great WIN-WIN situation – your business name and link will appear in the testimonial so more people will come to your site!

What’s included:

Home page plus 2 other Tap-to-Click pages (add more at any time)

Change colours at any time

For WordPress sites, the mobile site will be installed within your site – easy to access!

No WordPress site? It can be a stand-alone mobile site, just add $20.00 for a domain name

Bargain Hosting at only $5.00/month for the first 6 months (paid in advance at $30.00, then $20/month).

Tap-to-call phone numbers

We add your logo (or we design a text verson)

PDF Tutorial on how to edit your new mobile site!

Coupon-ready, just add details and change as required daily/weekly.

BONUS! Mobile Marketing Strategies eBook

What we need from you:

Login details for your WordPress website (for installation, if required)

We match your site’s colour scheme and give instructions how to change it yourself later

Home page: provide up to 20 words of text, names of 2 other pages + up to 50 words of text per page

One image per page (submit as .jpg or .png, less than 100kb in weight)

Special $99.00 Offer now closed.

Questions? Let me know – I’ll get back to you a.s.a.p!

Ask me (Teena) your questions and place your order here >>

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