Marketing Tip 007 – Using Twitter Hashtags

Marketing Tip 007 – Using Twitter Hashtags like Categories in Twitter

Marketing Tip 007 - Using Twitter Hashtags

What is a HASHTAG?

A “HASH” symbol can be found:

  • on your computer keyboard above the 3
  • on your smart phone keypad generally below the 9.

On Twitter, a “tag” is something used to keep similar tweets or messages together.

By combining the two – a hash symbol and a tag – you can easily tweet the “hashtag” to keep certain Twitter “tweets” (messages) together.


I might write a series of tweets and want to be able to group them together, to tell others about them, or to find them again later so I create a HASHTAG for myself (read notes below BEFORE you do this bit!).

I searched and discovered no-one else is using this, so I could add this to a series of my tweets:

  • #bizmktgtips

If I then told people this was my hashtag for a series of special tweets, they could Search on Twitter and easily find my tweets.

Other sample hashtags I have used:

  • #seo
  • #paris
  • #news
  • now search on Twitter for one of your hobbies of topics you’d like to know more about – type the hash symbol first, then without a space – type the word or words next to it WITHOUT SPACES BETWEEN THEM.

How to use hashtags

To keep all your Twitter messages together which have a related theme or topic, use a hashtag symbol # and add a word or two (with no spaces between words!).


But before you jump in feet first, type your proposed hashtag into the Twitter search box and see if anyone else is using it.  Could be embarrassing if they are – it’s like crashing someone else’s party 🙂

Also be careful if using more than one word – could the series of letters sound rude or do they look like OTHER words? There have been some famously accidentally-naughty hashtags which resulted in red faces around the world. One which springs to mind involved Susan Boyle, the English singer.

Other Uses of Hashtags

Also use for your upcoming events, sales and a whole host of other reasons. You’ll see other online events using them too.

Use as notifications for online training courses on a daily basis.

Share the hashtag so your followers can quickly find you for a webinar or conference etc.

I hope you have enjoyed this tip – please tell me about other hashtags you use in the Comments below, or ask questions. Cheerio for now!


April 03, 2014 at 05:20PM

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