Make a Payment

How to make a payment for a product or service with us

If you know the amount to pay:

Option 1 – Paypal / Credit Card:

  • click the button and type in the amount
  • continue with the payment by selecting Paypal or Credit Card
  • a 3% fee is added for these payments, as we are charged by Paypal for this service
  • please note ‘Buildawebsitetonight’ will appear on your statement
Make a payment in $USD now


Make a payment in $AUD now

Option 2 : Make a payment via an Australian Bank

Direct Deposit online via an Australian Bank

  • contact Teena for the details
  • email the confirmation of payment to alert Teena
  • once the payment is cleared you’ll be notified that work can commence or the product can be provided.

Many thanks for choosing to do business with Teena Hughes of


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