Don't use URL shorteners on Twitter for your own website (image)

Is it ok to use URL shorteners on Twitter?

Wondering “Is it ok to use URL shorteners on Twitter?”

The simple answer is … well, it’s not so simple if you want to use link shorteners on Twitter.

Let me ask you this – when you post a link on Twitter, do you want “link juice“? Is the link pointing back to YOUR website for SEO backlinking?

If it is, that’s fantastic! In this case, do NOT use a link shortener.

If the link is pointing to any other website other than one you hope to gain SEO backlink juice from, go ahead and use a link shortener.

Tip! URL = link (URL stands for Universal Resource Locator)


Don't use URL shorteners on Twitter for your own website (image)

“Why shouldn’t I use URL shorteners on Twitter?”

If you’re familiar with SEO (even just a little bit), you may know that having relevant links from authority websites is a GOOD thing for YOUR website, if the links are not “masked” or “shortened”. This is called using a “naked URL” or “naked link” – and in this case “naked” means it hasn’t been dressed up with anything fancy 🙂

When the search robots see the naked URL and follow it, they give your website points for getting a link back from an authority website.

If the search robots see a or other type of shortened URL, who do you think they give the “link love” or “link juice” points to? That’s right – or the other link shortening company. Not so good for you 🙁

“But Twitter shortens the URLs anyway!”

Yes it’s true – but the ORIGINAL long URL is also part of the tweet, so it gets the link juice and link love from the search engine robots, which greatly benefits your website.

If you have any quesions about using URL shorteners on Twitter, another Twitter Tip or would like to join in the conversation, I’d love to hear from you.


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