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How will business people find my video creation business online?

“How will people search and find my video creation business?”

I’ve had a lot of success with SEO and video marketing by using “keyword phrases” which are “questions”. Many people type questions into a search engine and into Youtube, hoping to find an answer.

Find my video creation business online - please! (image)If you’re thinking, “I need people to find me when they want a video made for their business.” then I have a simple solution for you – and because you’re a video maker, it’ll be super easy to do.

How about trying to think of which QUESTIONS people might type if they were looking for your searches? You can even try this in the Google search tool, by putting things like “how do I find …” in front of whatever you’re searching for.

Perhaps business owners might search for:

  • how do I find someone to make a business video for me?
  • who makes business videos in Los Angeles/Toronto/Sydney (or which location you might wish to specify if you’re a local business)?
  • how much does it cost to make a business video?


If you think about the “problem” people want to solve, then the questions might be easier to come up with.

Create a new PAGE or BLOG POST for every question you can think of:

  • then ANSWER the question in an easy-to-understand way
  • use SEO for your on-page optimisation
  • and search engines will start to see all those questions being answered on your site, and will send some traffic your way.


As a video creator:
— make a quick short video to answer each question
— you’ve already got the “words” on your webpage, so that becomes the “transcript”
— upload it to Youtube (do your Video SEO and link back to the right question on your site)
— upload the transcript as well on Youtube
— then embed the video on your site
— upload the video & transcript on other video portals
— and you should start to see some visitors coming your way.


Once you’ve created a couple of these pages where you answer the questions and post a video:
— create a new page which will be where you’ll LIST all those Questions
— add video thumbnails for each question (to make the page interesting and appealing)
— link to the relevant page for each Question


Add a bit more on-page SEO juice:
— go back to each page you’ve created, and add some hyperlinks to the OTHER question pages
— the search engine robots LOVE this

CONCLUSION for “How to find my video creation business?”

Now whenever anyone searches for anything to do with questions about making videos for business, they’ll find your Youtube video questions at the top of Google search results pages (SERPs) – and will click through to find out who made those great videos.

If you have a question, about marketing, branding or video marketing, I’d love to hear from you – so please post a comment or leave a voicemail etc – thanks in advance!

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