We can work together with my 7x7x7 Miracle Marketing Modules

How we can work together – You & Me

We can work together in several different ways, the choice is yours

Strategy Session 60 Minutes $A125.00

In this Strategy Session, we chat for 50 minutes about your business, where you’d like to go with it, what you’ve already tried, and once we start talking I will be able to recommend easy strategies for you to bring traffic to your website and boost your business, with a view to finding hungry clients who need you.

After our call, it takes approximately 10 minutes  to prepare the Audio Recording of our call, which I will email to you, plus I’ll also include a Checklist of topics we covered, which you can make notes on when you listen to your recorded Strategy Session. Ready to kick-start your business? Got a question? Click the button to get started:

Book today!

Tame Your Website Today (image of woman)

Training Courses • One-on-One & Group

Course:  Tame Your Website

One-on-One Private Tuition offline in Melbourne (up to the 31st July 2013).

From August 2013, this Course will be available on the Gold Coast & Byron Bay areas in Queensland, Australia.

Also available via Skype – please ask.

Other Options

  • via Training Courses — Online and Offline
  • via one of my Programs: “7x7x7 Miracle Marketing Modules” where you and I work together closely to decide the right steps for your business:
    • 7 Week Program
    • 4 Week Program
    • or 2 Week Program
  • via my Products:
    • SEO or Website Programs
    • buy-as-you-need-them Mini Marketing Miracles Packages (details below) as one-off Modules
    • Templates and Checklists to kick-start your DIY marketing efforts
  • via my Website Packages – we create your website for you, or we review your website and offer our Content Marketing Strategies to boost your business to bring more potential customers.

We can work together with my 7x7x7 Miracle Marketing Modules

Are you a creative, driven, ambitious business owner who wants to serve others by sharing your skills and knowledge with those who need your products and services?

Great, you’re in the right place!

Business owners just like you come to me every day and say something like this …

“Teena, I built a website, I added images and text, and the clock started ticking … and I waited, and waited and waited. Why didn’t any website traffic appear? Why didn’t my phone ring?”

I hear this from just about every business owner I meet – and it’s not their fault – no-one explained to them in easy-to-understand terms what needed to be done AFTER a website is launched.

If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to boost your business, we might be able to work together.

We will be using a combination of the latest high-level Google-approved SEO techniques and creating long-lasting powerful lead-generating content.

Let me introduce the …

Teena Hughes’ 7x7x7 Miracle Marketing Module Program for Business Success

Included in your Miracle Marketing Package:

  • 7 Option Groups  — Write, Speak, Present, Distribute, Design, Produce, Publish
  • 7 Days — Together we have a daily Strategy Session to focus on using your keyword phrases to decide on ONE item from each Option Group per day to create remarkable Content (1 hr/day or we can complete the 7 in one day, in person or over Skype)
  • 7 Weeks — Each week my team and I manually publish & distribute one piece of your content far and wide across the internet, to reach potential customers wherever they may be, in places you haven’t had time to think of yet (we love to help and surprise you here!)
  • Each week we’ll create a Report for you to see what we’ve done and how the 7x7x7 strategies are progressing
  • These content distribution tactics are absolutely Google-approved (no “Black Hat”, underhand or suspicious techniques here!), and you’ll be surprised how quickly you will start to see some website visitors landing on your site
  • Before we start, I need to ensure you have a Lead Capture system in place with an Irresistible Offer prepared, and a method for tracking your success (this is set up on Day #1)
  • By distributing excellent content about your business consistently over a 7 week period, the search engines want to know what all the activity is about, as they’ll see all this new information on the internet and will want to find out more
  • This is a very Google-friendly way to build your credibility online, and far less stressful than trying to come up with a blog post every day (unless you LOVE to write, in which case go ahead and do that as well on your site or blog!) — or trying to come up with clever things to post on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Pinterest (which are all excellent Social Media activities, but do not form part of this program — if you’d like to know how to automate your Social Media mentions, you might be interested in my 7x7x7 Easy Peasy Social Media Training Course)
  • By the end of the 7 weeks, you should have between 50-70 pieces of content about YOU and your BUSINESS online, far and wide across the internet (not just on your website!); this is more than the average business OR website will have online over a period of years, so you’re ahead of the rest of the pack and on the fast track!
  • The number of powerful backlinks pointing to your website will be at least 50, and probably many more (if your content goes ‘viral’) – this alone will push your website up through the ranks of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and you can wave to your competitors as you pass them by
  • You will now be eagerly reviewing the amount of traffic streaming to your website, as it captures the email names of interested potential customers and clients
  • You won’t be left in the lurch at this point – definitely not – I’ll provide a step-by-step system (my 7x7x7 Miracle Marketing Mailing List Module) on how to make sure they love what you have to offer to kickstart your new Relationship Marketing with your lovely new subscribers who will want to turn into your customers and clients – and raving fans.

Your Investment:

  • the 7 Week Program: $A795.00 (also available as two installments of $410 each)
  • the 4 Week Program: $A495.00 (Choice of 4 Option Groups)
  • the 2 Week Program: $A295.00 (Choice of 2 Option Groups).

Understanding the Results of your  Miracle Marketing Package

Timeframe:  3 weeks after the 7x7x7 ends.

We will have a one-hour Strategy Session to connect in person or over Skype to review your results, celebrate, and put your future Marketing Plan in your Diary to ensure your continued succes and even more results (you will also receive a PDF to track your marketing efforts, with suggestions).

You will also receive a Marketing Kickstart audio file (MP3) for you to listen to at any time in the future, to go over at your leisure and take notes, make future strategy plans.

After you’ve made your payment, let’s chat to work out the best time for your first Strategy Sesssion

Testimonials from happy clients of Teena HughesWhen Teena first explained about how to “market” my business, I was skeptical because I had never heard any of this before. I thought I could just put a few flyers on car windscreens and advertise in the local paper, but that wasn’t bringing in any business. I had a Strategy session with Teena and then started following the Marketing Modules – within a few weeks I was blown away by all the places I was being found online, and how many people came to my site AND signed up for my newsletter! It worked – I never would have believed it, but now I’m a believer.

MaryLou, Owner of ML's Bargains UK

Would you prefer to take smaller steps to decide how we can work together?

If you’re not ready to commit to a Program, you may prefer my Mini Marketing Miracles Packages.

Click here to view Products

Whichever step you take, it’s a step in the right direction to finally take control of your business and your website, and giving it the boost it needs and deserves! Congratulations!


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Yes! We can work together!

Testimonials from happy clients of Teena HughesTeena, You are simply AWESOME!  Thanks for your Website Review. All your comments make such good sense. Thanks. And yes, ANYBODY can benefit from these tips! Thanks so much!! Marlys Scheurmann, Paris
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