How to read Kindle books without a Kindle

Have you been seeing some great Kindle books for free or at very little cost, but because you don’t have a Kindle you thought you couldn’t read them?

Well I’m about to open up a whole new world for you – YES you can read Kindle books, and it’s very easy to set up.

Step 1 – Sign up for an amazon account

The first step is to sign up for an account if you don’t already have one (and at no cost, it’s a no-brainer):

pop over to

Step 2 – Download Kindle software

While you’re logged into your account, pop over to these pages:

Follow the instructions to:

  • download to your computer
  • install the software
  • “Register” to connect to your amazon account (in the Menu search for Tools/Manage Your Kindle).

Whenever you buy a Kindle book or grab a freebie, you can click the “sync” icon on your Kindle for Mac/PC software and the book/s will be downloaded.

Step 3 — Install the Kindle App on your smart phone

The second way is to read them on your smart phone (iPhone, Android etc).

On your phone, go to the Apps icon and search for – kindle.

Download and install, and if your computer is on, and you’re logged into your amazon account, the phone will sync with the computer. Now you’ll be able to read on your phone wherever you are.

Step 4 — Sign up for Kindle Cloud Reader for your Browser

This option makes it really easy to read your new Kindle books.

Pop over to

Follow the instructions to connect to your amazon account, and you’re all set!

Next time you want to buy a Kindle book, you’ll be able to choose whether to send it to your Cloud Reader (in the browser) or Kindle reader downloaded onto your computer.

Have fun!

A few tips:

  • not ALL Kindle books are available for ALL Kindle readers, for example you might be able to view a book in the Cloud Reader, but not the Kindle for Mac;  this is based on the publishing information in the initial launch of the book, it’s nothing you’ve done wrong.

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