How to manage negative comments

How to manage negative comments about your business online

How to manage negative comments

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Today I’d like to talk about online reputation management, after a question I received from Jeremy in the UK, who said:

“I need to know how to manage negative comments about my business online – as quickly as possible.”

“Teena, someone has been writing negative comments about my business on the internet – what can I do to fix this when I don’t know who is doing it?”

You can’t stop people posting comments about you, but you CAN totally control adding NEW, GREAT CONTENT about you and your business online.

You. Your reputation. Total control.

The first thing you DON’T do is get involved in an argument online with a stranger — so if it’s a comment you can reply to, thank them for bringing an issue to your attention:

  • then ask for the date and time of the service you provided, and the receipt number, and say you’re more than happy to work hard to resolve any issue from any customer of yours
  • if they’re a fake customer, they won’t reply, so leave it a few days and reply again on the comment, asking if they’d contact you asap as you want to do everything to resolve any issue or misunderstanding
  • by them NOT commenting and you only posting positive replies, you’ll be seen as being proactive and being willing to help.


For every negative comment about you, post 2-3 upbeat “mentions” online.

  • ask current customers to write testimonials, give them a page to go to on your site where they can EASILY add text, audio or video testimonials
  • once you have those, publish on your site, on facebook, twitter, linked in etc etc
  • write a Case Study on one of your happy customers – speak with them and get a “sound byte” or positive comment, ask for approval to publish it
  • now write  a press release about the Case Study, and publish it widely online
  • write a blog post about each negative comment posted online, and answer the person’s concerns and clearly state HOW IT WAS SOLVED
  • if it’s a fake comment, say so at the beginning of the post, then explain how you would deal with a real comment like this, outlining all the steps you’d take to remedy the situation
  • put a call to action at the end asking all your customers to contact you if they have every been unhappy with your products or service, and sign off saying your goal is to always have customers be happy with whatever you provide, so you always try to give more than what is expected
  • in the email to your customers I already mentioned, ask if ANY OF THEM would like to be interviewed by you to talk about their dealings with you, and mention that they’ll be able to plug or advertise their own business, and that the audio recording will be put online as a further testimonial.

This is just a few simple steps for you to take, and yes there are many more to start boosting your reputation online. The more positive reviews and information published about you online, the more you’re pushing those negative comments further down and off the bottom of each page on Twitter, Facebook etc etc.


I’ve created a 30 page Report to help you do this yourself, which is available on my website at

Your Say

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s podcast titled “How to manage negative comments about your business online” – I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions and comments – has this happened to you or anyone you know? Please do post a comment below – many thanks in advance

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