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How to make website links open in a new page

This week a client emailed me to ask how to make website links open in a new page.

She had remembered me telling her to open these links in “new” browser windows so that her website would remain open in the background. If this step wasn’t done, the new website link would override her website, and the visitor could potentially forget where they’d been in the first place.

My client’s website is using and I made a snapshot to show her how to do it (see below).

The steps are:

  • type text into the blog post, including the link for the website you want to send visitors to
  • highlight the text or website link you want to add a “link” (hypertext) to
  • click the “link” icon in the menu
  • when the dialog box opens, type (or paste, if you copied a link) into the first URL text box
  • in the second text box, you can type a keyword phrase
  • the third item is a checkbox – click it to “Open link in a new window/tab”
  • now click the ADD LINK button to save this setting.

How to make website links open in a new window


You’re all done! Once you “publish” the page, anyone who clicks on that link will be taken to a new browser window or browser tab, and your site will remain open in the background.

This is good business practice for every single clickable link you create in your website, unless of course you’re linking to one of your own pages or blog posts.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tip about making links open in a new page – if you’d like to offer any suggestions or just make a comment below, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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