How to Launch a Website, Attract Traffic and Make Sales

How to Launch a Website, Attract Traffic and Make Sales

How to Launch a Website, Attract Traffic and Make Sales

When I think about how to launch a website, I think about the diverse range of clients I have – some of the men include: a 75 year old author, a 23 year old fashion guy, a business professional, an opera singer, a restaurant chef & its owner, a cafe owner, a maths teacher, a cleaning company owner, a French travel site owner, a corporate printing company department head, etc.

The women clients I have helped include: a quilt maker, a business offering specialist vision impairment help (support, products and training), a virtual assistant, an artist in Iceland, an author in Paris, a spiritual guidance counsellor, a romance novelist in the UK, two women sharing a clutter & cleaning business, a home decor store owner, a driving school teacher, an interior designer, a textile artist, a real estate cleaning specialist, an au pair agency, an architectural site owner, and many more wonderful, fascinating absolutely diverse business owners.

I’m not telling you this to brag, but to show you that no matter which kind of business you have, or which kind of business owner you are, at some point you may build a website, and then will need to know how to launch a website, and how to attract traffic then turn that traffic into customers. Ready? Terrific! It’s as easy as – yes, you guessed it 🙂 … as easy as 1, 2, 3 – and 4!

Website Design Tips Number 1Website Design Tips Number 2Website Design Tips Number3How to launch a website

Once a website is launched, there are a series of steps the website owner needs to take to make sure the launch is successful:

Step 01 — Capture Visitor Email Names

I am constantly amazed at how many website owners DO NOT COLLECT EMAIL NAMES. Sorry for shouting, but it’s staggering! This is the equivalent of never opening the door to your shop on the High Street. Website visitors find your website online in plenty of places (if you do your homework properly and pepper the internet with your name and website link), and they do NOT come knocking only on the front door (Home page).

They can land on ANY page of your website, and so it’s absolutely important to either have a link to your Newsletter on each page, set up a pop-over/pop-under or slide-up, or to have a sign up box for them to fill in. I always tell website owners: “EVERY web page is a LANDING PAGE! Be prepared & make sure each page has ALL your contact details!!”

To encourage folks to sign up, you need an irresistable offer — and I’ll tell you more about that next.

Step 02 — Create an Irresistible Offer in exchange for an Email Name

In order to get people to sign up on your website and give you their email name, you have to give them a good reason.

If YOU wanted to maybe one day be a customer of your own website, what would YOU want to get as a great freebie giveaway in exchange for your email name?

AND — what would you like to hear about on a regular basis via an email newsletter, PDF, audio file or podcast?

Once you work that out, create a top-quality, information-rich PDF or course or video etc and make sure it’s clearly mentioned with your Sign Up form or pop-over from Step 01.

Some other things to consider … Do you want to be able to send them special offers? Or to keep them updated via your blog? Or to give them a PDF download of the top 10 questions and answers people ask about your business, your product or services? Make notes of all of this so you can refine your offering and your newsletter updates as you go along. Send this out at least monthly, or better still, twice a month. And don’t forget to ask your subscribers QUESTIONS to find out what THEY need, it might not always be what you want to give them 🙂

Step 03 — Install Website Visitor Tracking Software

web statistics can help your businessIf you’ve done Step 1 & 2 already, bravo! I’m so proud of you! But let me ask you — do you have any software installed which is tracking all those juicy visitors, telling you which web page online they came from, or which words or phrase they typed into a search engine page? No? Oh ohh – you’d better fix that, pronto, Tonto! (Dang, where did the Lone Ranger go?!)

By being able to check your web statistics, you’ll be able to see WHICH of your marketing and advertising efforts are working, which is of the greatest importance to a website owner, so you’re not spending money on something which isn’t working.

I highly recommend Google Analytics and my personal favourite (freebie) is – which I also install on client websites.

Step 04 — Create a list of the top 10, 20, 50+ Questions You’ve Ever Been Asked!

OK – hear me out on this one, ok?

If you can think of as many quesions as you’ve ever been asked about your business, your product, your services — then you already know the answers – perfect!

If you create one web page or blog post for EACH question and answer, and add them to your website as quickly as you can (even two per week would be fantastic! more than that would be superb!).

Here’s what happens:  people type these questions into search engines, and after a couple of weeks YOUR pages should start appearing as search results! Now imagine if you had 50 questions out there on your website — that’s 50 chances that any one of the 50 questions and answers you’ve typed will be FOUND on the internet. And the best bit? Your competitors won’t even consider doing this, so you’ll beat them hands down!

If you do nothing ELSE – please do Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 as the most important first steps to owning a website.

Once you’ve successfully completed Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4, you might be ready to do some more marketing.

If you want to boost your website even more and give it more chances to be found online, read these following suggestions. If any of them sound “do-able”, then try that one. Whatever you do, don’t try to do too many things at once – just pick one, finish it completely and pat yourself on the back. When you’re ready, try another technique until you’ve completed it, etc, etc. OK – here are some great ways to help your site get found online, to attract website traffic, and to make some juicy sales.

Step 05 — Publish a Press Release

Press Releases - easy template to print (image)This is an “old school” marketing technique which has really come of age in this internet-savvy world.

Every small business could be publishing a Press Release every week, which has the potential to bring them website visitors who may turn into customers.

The key to writing a Press Release is to write it as though you’re a Journalist, add one great comment or paragraph from the business owner, and at least one other great comment or paragraph from a very happy client or customer. There are a couple of other juicy things to do, and you can learn more about creating Press Releases here >>

PS – Each press release should point back to a story on your website which gives you yumy back-links which are always nice and may boost your website’s credibility online.

If you need help distributing them online to lots of places, check out these Press Release Mini Marketing Miracles >>

If you’ve read this far – congratulations! You now know some of the easiest ways about how to launch a website and to market it on the internet! All it requires is a bit of effort and you’ll be way ahead of your average competitor! Ready for more? Excellent!

Step 06 — Add Your Website Name to Online Directories

Marketing launch strategies Business Dierectory ListingAfter Press Releases, this is a super-duper fantastic way to create powerful backlinks from quality websites. Those pesky, hungry little search engine robots go out looking for new, fresh links to follow 24/7, 365 days a year.

The more often they find new links pointing to you from relevant websites, the more bonus points you earn. If you distribute your Press Release to 20 sites and you also add yourself to 20 Business Directories, you’ll then have 40 quality links pointing back to your website (called “back-links”) — which is MORE than most of your competitors will ever think to have or do.

If you’re not sure how to start doing that, you might like to check out this Directories Mini Marketing Miracle >>

Step 07 — Writing Articles Related to Your Business, Product or Services

Are you one of those people who love to write? I am — every day I’m writing something about my business, or stories about customers I’ve helped, and showing real life examples. Readers love this – they love stories about people in the same boat as them, having the same issues or challenges, and wondering how they were solved.

If you can write a little story about a client, what their challenge was and how you managed to solve it with whatever it is you do, then you’ll captivate an audience. If you’ve already written fabulous Q&A’s or stories on your website, you can turn those into articles to publish online.

If you distribute these articles far and wide on the internet, you’ll have juicy back-links pointing to the article’s page on your website, and your words will be ‘out there’ helping you, where people can find and read them.

When you’re ready to distribute, you might like the idea of this PDF Article Mini Marketing Miracle >>

Step 08 — Create Slideshows & Videos to explain how your products and services work

If you prefer to use Powerpoint or OpenOffice Slideshows, you can easily create some powerful documents which you can share and distribute online.

In fact, you can distribute as both a PDF of the slideshow, and a video which you can export from the slideshow – double bonus! If you need help with the distribution, I’m happy to offer my Mini Marketing Miracles >>

Phew!  I have more excellent tips for great content marketing using text, audio, podcasts and video, but I don’t want to overwhelm you – try some of these and let me know how you get on.

That should keep you busy for a while, and if you follow these steps, you can guarantee that you will be doing so much more than your average competitor, that there’ll be no competition with them 🙂 So if you’d been wondering how to launch a website and the steps to take, this is a thorough check-list to get you started.

Your Turn

Let me know if you’d like to try or have tried any of these techniques on how to launch a website, I’d love to hear your stories and questions.

Until next time!

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