Quick Cache Exception Thrown - Error message

How to fix error message Quick Cache Exception Thrown

One of my websites just displayed the error message, “Quick Cache Exception Thrown”.

Quick Cache Exception Thrown - Error message

Find a fix for the Error Message

None of the web pages were displaying so I quickly did some research and discovered that after upgrading some software, the website was expecting PHP 5.3 software, but didn’t find it on the server, so displayed nothing.

The hosting company has very thorough Help systems, so after a quick search for this particular error message I discovered that yes – the server did have the required software, but my site’s “htaccess” file had been created before the PHP software upgrade was installed

The hosting company gave clear and simple instructions:

  • login to the cPanel for that website
  • select the File Manager from the dashboard
  • within the list of files, open the one called “.htaccess” with the Text Editor
  • scroll to the bottom and add the following code:
# Use PHP 5.3
AddType application/x-httpd-php53 .php
  • save the file, and close the Text Editor
  • go back to the website and Refresh the cache (Control R, or Command R on a Mac)

Voila! Problem solved!

Solution – error message gone!

The whole thing was solved in less than 2 minutes, the error message disappeared and the site returned as good as new.

Your say

Have you ever had a website error message and didn’t know what to do? How did you solve it?

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