How to create a hyperlink

How to create a hyperlink

How to create a hyperlink

Wondering how to create a hyperlink?

Whichever website system you use, you’ll need to know how to make links, and luckily the technique is pretty standard.

When you’re editing a web page or a blog post, you’ll be in “editing mode” where you can type text.

This section of your website is often called the “editor”, the “dashboard”, the “back-end” or other phrase.

At the top of the area where you are able to type, you will see a Menu with options displayed as buttons, similar to the image shown below (if you don’t see a Menu, please contact your web designer):

How to create a hyperlink

When you’re ready to create a LINK or HYPERLINK, you first need to select or highlight some text (so that the linking buttons become visible), shown below:

How to create a hyperlink after highlighting text

After the LINK tool is clicked, a new dialog box opens:

How to create a hyperlink and add the URL

You will need to do the following:

If the link is NOT on your website:

  • copy/paste the URL (to avoid typing mistakes) of the destination page (where you want the link to take you to)
  • type the TITLE – the Keywords of the page you are linking to
  • click the CHECKBOX if the link is NOT on your website (to force the link to open a NEW browser page or window).

If the link IS on your website:

  • click “Or link to existing content” to view all the pages on your site
  • scroll through to select the page or post, or type in the search box to find it
  • when you’re ready, click the ADD LINK button to finalise the hyperlink.

To make changes:

  • highlight the hyperlinked text
  • click the LINK tool and make your changes
  • click the ADD LINK button to save your changes.

I hope this helps to show you how to create a hyperlink 🙂



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