How to build a website in simple steps

How to build a website (an infographic)

How to build a website in simple steps

Here’s my my easy-to-understand infographic on how to build a website … and then market it ๐Ÿ™‚

When you learn how to build a website you’ll need to start thinking about marketing and branding yourself online, so you can really boost your business in the search engines to be found online.

The key — as I’m heard to say ad nauseum ๐Ÿ™‚ — is to:

  • add excellent quality content (pages/blog posts) on a weekly basis to your site
  • to encourage people to connect with you
  • get people to ask you questions so you can show your expertise.

If you do this often and regularly, your site will grow with fantastic content, and your reputation will grow. This is the simplest form of branding – showing you to be an expert in your niche or field, someone who’s approachable and someone people will follow online to eventually know, like and trust you.

Here is an easy-to-understand infographic which outlines the bare minimum steps for your website:

How to build a website (infographic)

Contents of the “How to build a website” infographic:

1. Buy a Domain
2. Set up Monthly Hosting Account
3. Build A Website with at least the following pages:
– Home
– About
– Product/Service
– Contact
4. Create a matching email name (so your emails look professional and MATCH your domain name)
5. Set up pages:
– Privacy
– Copyright
– disclose all Affiliations (if you are receiving commissions $ for your links)

6. Create business accounts with:
– Channel
7. Set up auto back-ups – off-site
8. Set up processes for:
– Comment spam
– Security / Cacheing
– Broken Links
9. Addย  statistics software to your website:
– Google Analytics
– XML auto-updating sitemap
– auto internal links
10. Communicate & share via:
– Newsletter
– Autoresponder series of helpful TIPS
– Google + business page
11. Add to site:
– social sharing buttons
– Testimonials page / Client review
12. Tell the world! Submit site to:
– online directories
– blog directories
– RSS directories
– podcast directories
– all of this creates juicy backlinks
13. Do ongoing updates at least once per week on all of these:
– web pages, blog posts, Posterous, photo sites
– Twitter, Facebook, Google+ (videos if at all possible)

That’s plenty to keep you busy ๐Ÿ™‚

If your eyes are glazing over and you’d rather someone else do all this for you – pick me – I can create a Website Strategy for you and your site, and I can handle your presence on the internet so you can focus on what you do best.

Almost forgot — did I miss anything out? If I did, please do let me know – thanks in advance!

I’m making more infographics on how to build a website – I’d love your comments and questions, feel free to post in the Comments box or connect with me on Facebook or Twitter or at my Weekly St Kilda Coffee meet-ups (in Melbourne, Victoria) – looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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