How simple videos can bring you clients

How simple videos can bring you clients – Podcast 008

Simple videos can bring you clients


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Some time back I got a call about 7:00pm one night and there was an excited chap on the other end of the line.

I listened to him for a minute or two, and I couldn’t quite place his voice (was he a friend? business associate? potential client I’d met?) so I asked him to tell me where we’d met.

That’s when I got the shock of my life. Let’s call this chap Ted.

What Ted said next totally blew my socks off (well, it would have if I’d been wearing any on that summer’s evening) and I’ll never forget it.

“Teena!” he said, “I’ve just watched 7 or 8 of your videos on Youtube about Simple SEO and I finally GET IT! NOW I understand what it’s all about! I’ve been trying to get my head around all this SEO stuff for many months, and y0u’ve nailed it! I understand what you’re talking about!”

So when Ted had calmed down a bit, he told me that every day after running his building business, he’d sit at the computer and try to learn what SEO was (Search Engine Optimisation – the technique by which you can help your website pages be found in the search engine results pages – SERPs).

Ted decided to search on Youtube for “simple seo” – he was tired, grumpy, been spending the last week trying to learn how to fix his website after a bad experience with an SEO company. After finding and watching a bunch of my quick short videos on SEO, he was amazed – at last something was making sense!

He said he felt so comfortable with me because I had an Australian accent (same as his) and that I obviously knew what I was talking about – and I made it sound understandable – the key factor. What he couldn’t believe was that I lived a couple of suburbs from him – coincidence? serendipity? Whatever, he was pumped!

Ted went on to explain that he’d been ripped off for about six months, by an SEO company which had charged him $350.00 per month to “do his SEO” on his website.

By the time the 6 months had rolled around, Ted said his phone wasn’t ringing any more than usual and his emails didn’t increase to overflowing with requests for quotes, and asked them why not. They didn’t have an answer for him apart from saying they’d “done the SEO he requested”.

At this point I suggested that Ted and I meet over a coffee where he could chat with me more about his business.

Sitting in a cafe very pleased with myself because videos can bring you clients via Youtube!

A couple of days later, I was in my local café waiting for Ted and had ordered a latte. Ted is the owner of a local building business and was due any minute. I love my local cafés and always have people to nod and wave to, and have a bit of a chat – lovely local business people all trying to make a living.

I noticed a chap come in the door, looking straight at me, beaming from ear to ear – he strode right up to me and gave me a giant bear hug, and while I was trying to catch my breath he was telling me how fantastic it was to meet me!

Yes, you guessed it – Ted had arrived 🙂

He recognised me from the videos, and I’d never seen him, but that didn’t matter – he felt like we were already old friends. He told me he’d watched my videos again a few times, and now he really felt comfortable talking about SEO because he understood what he needed (from watching the videos).

Before I continue with Ted’s story, let’s just look at a couple of things here:

  • I’m in my local cafe talking to a local businessman from a few suburbs over (nothing unusual with that)
  • the interesting fact is that he’d found ME on Youtube USA by searching for ‘simple SEO’
  • he was so impressed with what he’d heard and seen, he wanted to meet me, to see how I could help him and his business – and luckily I lived close by.

This is the power of video, the internet and Youtube – being found where people are looking – not just being in the right place at the right time, but being found in LOTS OF PLACES ALL THE TIME as well as your website.

I normally met with clients and prospective clients for an hour or an hour and half in my local cafes, and this day Ted and I talked for 3 hours non-stop. We couldn’t beleive it when we looked at the time 🙂

I asked Ted lots of questions so I could understand what had happened with his previous SEO specialist, and what he was looking to do to boost his website.

The very first question I asked related to the 6 months of SEO he’d been paying for.

“Ted,” I asked, “Didn’t the Monthly SEO Reports give you an idea about how your SEO campaign was going?”

When he looked at me sheepishly, I knew I’d hit a sore spot – Ted explained, “I have a business with lots of builders and lots of jobs on, so I’m flat out all day every day. I thought these guys would do the right thing, but I never asked them for a Report.”

Aha – lesson number one – if you’re paying someone to perform a task, ask for detailed reports and evidence so you can check what they’ve done.

I gently asked Ted if he provided detailed Invoices for his clients, after giving them detailed quotes, and he said, “Of course I do!” – so I went on to say that having someone work on your website is no different, and he agreed. He’d dropped the ball on that one.

So then we turned the conversation to my simple SEO videos, and what it was that really caught his attention.

Ted told me, “You explained everything so simply and clearly – I felt like you were talking JUST TO ME – like I was your student, and when I got it, when I understood what you were telling me, I couldn’t believe my ears!”

I was thrilled that I was getting to meet one of my Youtube video viewers in person, and that my videos had made such a difference – what a wonderful opportunity.

Before we started talking strategies, I offered to look at Ted’s site on my laptop. I showed him the HTML behind the scenes, and showed him the SEO tags, and we were both surprised at what we saw — none of the SEO tags had been filled in. None of them. This meant that the search engine robots would have a very hard time working out what every single page was on the site.

Over the next couple of hours we worked out a couple of simple strategies which Ted could start implementing straight away – an SEO campaign, and a Video Marketing campaign – both of which would boost his business and increase the amount of content he had on his site, and on the internet.

Ted loved my ideas, and I’m thrilled to say he’s very happy with the results he’s getting – and the Monthly Reports 🙂

When I asked him about his web statitstics (Google Analytics) and what’s changed the most since he started my strategies, he told me that the Question & Answer pages on his site have skyrocketed his website traffic and increased the sign-ups for his newsletter, which has also resulted in new customers for him

 Other ways videos can bring you clients:

  • you could create videos based on questions you’ve received
  • you could ask clients to give you video testimonials
  • you could review your products on services on videos
  • you could start a video podcast
  • you could create a video for each page of your site, while reading the contents of each page, and make it interactive
  • and a whole host of other ideas!

So this is how simple videos can bring you clients, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. I created a series of helpful and easy-to-understand videos, and through them I was able to connect with Ted and other business owners around the world who were also glad they’d found me on Youtube. If you’d like to know more about using videos in your content marketing, give me a yell – let’s see what you’ve already got and how I can help you.

Your turn …

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts so jump right in in let me know if you’ve had anything like this happen to you or someone you know. Have you experimented with any of this and what have been the results?


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