How do you plan your business to do list?

How do I plan my daily, weekly, monthly business To Do list?

How do you plan your business to do list?

One of the big questions I hear a lot is, “How can I plan my To Do list for my business? What should I be doing every day or every week, or even every month?”

At one of my St Kilda Coffee meet-ups recently, I posed this question to the folks around the table, and sparked a conversation which had everyone offering great suggestions.

The addition of a good (nay, excellent!) tea or coffee helps tremendously as we all listen to the different ideas.

Carol’s Suggestion

Carol has been attending regular business seminars by one successful entrepreneur (Federico) and has heard his concept each time. Taking this idea and putting it into practice has surprised Carol, who is happy to share what she does.

Phase 1

The big picture is to focus on your business for about a half an hour at the start of each day, and Carol’s step-by-step process is loosely based on these steps:

  • do not open email
  • do not open anything on your computer
  • get comfortable, and allow your mind to dream the BIGGEST DREAMS it can possibly conjure up
  • don’t limit yourself at all, think of what your life would be if your business was wildly successful
  • allow yourself to dream like this for 10 minutes at least
  • this is called “visualising” and is very important for everyone to do, each and every morning
  • by doing so, you’re allowing your subconscious to be free to reach farther than you even consider in your daily work life

Once you’ve spent 10 minutes visualising and dreaming BIG, it’s time to focus on the daily list.

This is not your usual “To Do List”  – this is a totally different way of looking at your business.

Phase 2

To use this idea daily, understand that every business can be broken down into several major sections, and if you think of just ONE task for EACH of these sections every day, you might be amazed at how quickly this process can help you focus on only what’s important each day.

A sample Daily Dream / Business To Do List:

Daily business list by Carol & Federico

The sections of your business are:

  • I.T.
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Legal
  • Research & Development
  • Other

The idea is to write down one task on each line, and try to achieve ALL OF THEM today.

If you do, mark it as “done”.

If you don’t, transfer it to tomorrow’s list.



Focussing on ALL of the separate parts of your business each day

– in small bite-sized actions – keeps you on TOP of your business ALL the time.


Video: Creating the Daily Dream Document in Google Docs


When you see the same thing appear over several days or weeks, and it’s still not getting done, you need to think about whether it can be postponed and taken off the list, or whether it can be delegated or removed.

Suzie’s Suggestion

Suzie likes the “big picture” overview, and creates mind maps for all the different facets of her business.

Seeing the big picture each day helps to keep all the different parts of the business in view (and in front of mind).

There are lots of different mind map services online for free – some you can download software or use their service – either way it’s a great idea to create your big picture.

Some of these services are:

  • Freemind

 Alex’s Suggestion

Alex (like me) prefers to see visual reminders – large wall posters or printed lists up on the wall, for instant reminders each time you glance at them.

Deciding to do SOMETHING each day for our business, writing it down and marking it done, is a better way to build our business than keeping everthing in our head, on mental lists.

Other Suggestions for the Business To Do list

Some of us like more than one way to look at – and plan – our tasks for our business, whether daily or weekly etc.

Having a big picture mind map up on the wall, plus using the Daily Dream sheet could work well together, and having large lists of reminders up on the wall all go towards creating SOME kind of awareness of what we’re doing in our business.

Any combination of these or other options can work — it’s just a matter of working out what works best for YOU.

 Your Say

Do you have any suggestions or recommendations? I’d love you to share them here in the Comments box, so we can all learn tips and techniques from each other. Thanks in advance! I hope you’ve enjoyed this article on “How do I plan my daily, weekly, monthly business To Do list?”.


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