Should business owners care about good editing on their websites?

How do I get business owners to care about good editing on their websites?

Should business owners care about good editing on their websites?

Today I received this great question from Caroline.

As I sat thinking about this and Caroline’s editing services, I started to come up with an answer which included a list of many ways someone offering website editing services could let people know about why they need their websites to sound professional (and how to do so by having a professional do an overview or offer editing services).

Some options (using my ideas on “content marketing”) are:

  • Statistics always work well — search for statistics online related to your business, and then create a Review or Report, turn it into a PDF, and email it to your mailing list or to anyone who makes enquiries via your website (or if you don’t have one yet, via your Facebook page etc).
  • Search local websites and find ones who could do with your help — contact them and offer a One-page Review or Report at no cost, and/or offer a phone call, office visit or Skype call for a 15 minute phone Review.
  • By doing this, you’re taking the first step to building a relationship with a business or website owner, who could turn into a paying client
  • ask each person for whom you do a Report or Review to provide a Testimonial if they’re happy with your work, and use these in your marketing as well.

This tip can really boost your credibility online — fast:

  • Write down the top 5 questions potential clients might ask you about good editing on their websites — then write your answers down too.  Turn these into web pages or PDFs you can post online to build up interest in your services.
  • By posting these PDFs online in all the right places, you’ll be creating great links back to your website etc, and building up your “online presence”.
  • If anyone searches for you online, they’ll be able to find your Reports and will see how you professionally answer questions related to your business and niche, which will build their trust in your capabilities.
  • After you’ve successfully used this technique — come up with another 5, 10, 20 questions and answers about good editing on their websites, and repeat the steps listed.  Before too long you’ll be the “go to” person in your niche.

I’d love to hear from anyone who tries my techniques, and the results you get over time.

If anyone would like more in-depth help, I’m happy to set up a coaching call with you, for an appointment – just give me a yell 🙂

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