How can Yahoo Answers help my website?

How can Yahoo Answers help my Website?

Samantha asked me, “Can Yahoo Answers help my website?”

I was pleased to be able to share my first-hand knowledge with her, as this is something I’ve used in the past to bring traffic to different websites.

It’s quick – it’s easy – and you only answer questions about the topic related to your website, so your knowledge will shine through. The bonus is that you are starting a simple technique to help brand you and your website.

How can Yahoo Answers help my website?

Set aside 30 minutes per day to login to Yahoo Answers

  • go to
  • create a account, which matches your website/keyword name (for example
  • each day you need to answer a couple of questions @ Yahoo
  • to get started, login to Yahoo Answers, then select the “niche” or category which matches your website
  • look for questions which haven’t been “closed” or finalised yet
  • pick ones which you can easily answer
  • write a very helpful, informative post
  • each answer you provide can have a link back to a specific page on your website/blog which is related to your “answer” (never put your home page link – that looks like advertising)
  • answer questions in a friendly helpful manner so people who like what you write will be tempted to click the link and visit your site
  • if you can answer 3-5 questions per day, and do this for a month, your traffic will definitely increase – IF your answers are good and not pushy
  • the benefit of answering Yahoo questions is that the Yahoo Answer website is copied/duplicated by Yahoo and distributed for all the other country Yahoo sites, like Yahoo USA questions/answers will be duplicated and appear on Yahoo Australia, Yahoo UK, etc etc
  • answering questions should take you no more than about 30 minutes (or less, if you get good at it)

So – can Yahoo Answers help? Absolutely!

Following this simple technique can help you with your marketing and branding – by showing your expertise in a well-known forum, you will start to create an impression – people will start to notice your name, and will be encouraged to learn more about what you have to say.

The people who click through to your website pages via Yahoo Answers are known as “targetted traffic” – they CHOSE to click your link because they wanted to know more. They want a reason to know, like and trust you – and to eventually buy your product or service.

What’s your irresistible free offer when they land on your website?

So once they land on your site it’s important to understand a few more things – first off, they might not buy anything on the first visit. You need to provide them with an easy way to sign up to follow, and to receive helpful tips and infomation on a regular basis. To entice them to sign up, provide a quality PDF or ebook of tips or techniques or information about your product, service or knowledge – think about WHY they might need your product or service, then create something which ANSWERS their “pain points”, solves their problem.

By providing this type of free information on both Yahoo Answers and as a gift when they sign up to follow you, you will be seen as a person knowledgeable in your field, who is helpful and generous with your information. This is the best position to be in to start to create relationships with your followers, and build your brand and your business. Hope you enjoyed “Can Yahoo Answers help?“!


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