Ever thought of doing an annual review of your business or website?

Ever thought of doing an annual review of your business?

Ever thought of doing an annual review of your business or website?

Easy way to do an annual review

I’ve often thought that doing an annual review of your business and website could work wonders, and so here is what I’m thinking.

Give yourself some time with a tea, coffee or cold drink, and allow yourself to look back at the past year and what you wanted to achieve for yourself and your business. How did you shape up? Did you do well, or would you like to have done better?

Work out what you think you can improve on, and then HAND-WRITE those items in a notepad or book of some kind (don’t just type it on the computer – it works better if you write it).

Now think about what you’d like to write in January 2014 – next year:

  • make a list ot 12 items – one for each month of the year
  • write down what you daydream/imagine might have been the fantastic result for each month of 2013 (the year ahead, as though it has already happened)
  • be as creative as you like, dream of wondrous events, places and things, jot them down as though they’ve already happened – and include holidays and other things you’d like to have achieved – yes, including that trip to Paris 🙂
  • finished? good – now, let’s jump back to today 🙂
  • let’s start by looking at what you imagined you’d achieved for January 2013
  • now jot down some additional steps you might need to take to make it happen
  • don’t let any negative thoughts or “What if …?” statements cloud your judgement, push those thoughts away
  • after you’ve made a step-by-step list for January, continue with the rest of the months
  • when you’ve finished the whole list, you now have a Blueprint of ACTIONABLE STEPS you can take to reach your goals – cool, huh?
  • if any steps seems insurmountable – break it down into tiny bite-sized pieces, one baby step at a time, until each step is doable.

Keep this list somewhere handy where you get to see it every day – laminate it or attach it to the wall near where you sit most of the time, or put it in your business diary so it’ll jog your memory every day.

Update it to add new things, cancel other things you decide you won’t be doing – this can be an editable living, breathing Blueprint which truly reflects what you’re doing and what you need to do to be successful in your business for the coming year, and your personal life.

I think this might be easy to jot down, especially if I think of it as ‘daydreaming’, so I’m going to do this right now – what about you? Want to give it a shot?

If you have any success with doing your annual review, even if it just makes you feel good, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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