Over the years I’ve provided ongoing Coaching and Consulting services, and I’ve noticed a shift in what people want most.

Some people prefer not to do ongoing coaching for all kinds of reasons, and just prefer a one-on-one chat with someone who has knowledge they need for their business.

I’m now offering one-off Coaching phone calls at $97.00 each.

When you need in-depth phone guidance:

  • let’s set a time to suit us both
  • I’ll send you a Payment advice (pay with either Paypal or Credit Card, or if you’re in Australia let me know and I’ll send Direct Deposit details)
  • when the Payment goes through, we’re all set
  • if you prefer the Direct Deposit route, it may take several days for the payment to be processed.

This system works well because you only pay for the guidance when you need it, rather than on a monthly basis.

Contact me today to schedule your One Hour Coaching Session at $US97.00
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