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Marketing Launch StrategiesThe Business SEO Package is a great way to have our SEO team create customised content and to distribute it across the internet. The focus will be on three keywords.

  • You specify three keyword phrases

The SEO team will:

    • be in touch within 24-48 hours after you place your order, to walk through the process with you and answer any questions
    • provide you with a Pre-SEO Checklist to make sure your pages are ready
    • send you a more detailed list of what to expect, how our team may be able to do more than is expected, and how to prepare your site in advance of our commencing the SEO
    • write a minimum of one article related to your keywords, and create snippets from the article which can be used in other ways
    • distribute the quality content to reputable, trusted websites (for syndication)
    • create inbound links from trusted sites
    • announce your content on social media
    • utilise the content on web 2.0 sites where appropriate
    • highlight via bookmarking
    • provide you with an SEO Report 3-4 weeks after the work has commenced providing a progress overview.

Two Options to start your Business SEO Package

The Monthly Option

We start immediately, liaise with you monthly for new keywords, provide Monthly Reports, and continue until you let us know otherwise.

The One-Time Payment

We start immediately, and provide a Report at the end of the project.

Step 1 —  Please complete the following form:

Step 2 – Make Payment

One Payment, One Month SEO Package :

Please note payments on credit cards and Paypal accounts will show as one of our other companies –

Pay for the One Month SEO Package

Monthly SEO

Start the Monthly SEO Project

Please contact us if you have any questions pre-purchase.

Once you become one of our valued clients, you will be able to use our Client Support Centre.

We look forward to helping you build your credibility online, to find new potential clients and customers, and have a steady stream of traffic.


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