Biz Marketing Tip 001 - sign up for Google Alerts (image)

Biz Marketing Twitter Tip 001

Twitter Tip 001 – do this before everything else

One of the very first things you need to do for your business is to create GOOGLE ALERTS.

These are clever little ‘marketing robots’ who search the internet high and low to see if you’re mentioned anywhere.

Twitter Tip 001 - sign up for Google Alerts with Biz Marketing (image)

How do the Google Alerts know what to search for?

You set up lots of Google Alerts:

  • your name
  • your business name
  • your domain name
  • your product names
  • your services names
  • anything else related to your business which you’d like to keep an eye on and know immediately it’s mentioned anywhere online 🙂

How cool is this? You can now track your online reputation by following ALL the places you’ve been mentioned. Follow Twitter Tip 001 etc here >>

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