7 Step Marketing Kickstarter Course

7 Step Marketing Starter Course 7x7x7 Formula

Join me for the 7 Step Marketing Kickstarter Course!

Using my tried-and-true 7x7x7 Formula, this 7 Week Course breaks it down into easily repeatable steps:

  • 7 Weeks
  • 7 Modules
  • 7 Steps per Module

Marketing Kickstarter Course TestimonialsEach week is broken down into:

  • 1 Module
  • 7 Days
  • 7 Steps

In the 7 weeks we’ll cover:

  • Making sure your website is READY!
  • Creating your Irresistible Offer for subscribers
  • Setting up a Lead Capture Device
  • Creating Several Types of Great Content to Maximise Results
  • Peppering the Internet with your Fabulous New Content
  • Tracking Your Results to See How Far You’ve Come!
  • Webinar at the end of Week 4
  • Webinar at the end of Week 7

Your Accountability:

  • Checklists are provided with each weekly Module, making it very easy to see what you have to do and HOW to do it
  • Each week you will have one Homework Task assigned, which is due to be submitted each Friday
  • Each week we schedule ONE Accountability Session via Skype (after submission of work) — a 10 minute call where we discuss the Homework Task which you’ve submitted, and I provide feedback and tips as required
  • This accountability is extremely powerful and valuable for you as it keeps you on track, helps you to see what needs to be done, and makes sure you’re on the right path to getting results.

If you’d like to join my next 7 Step Marketing Kickstarter Course, the Course Start Dates are:

  • Monday 25th November, 2013
  • Monday 10th February, 2014

Your Investment is:  $497.00

7 Week Course:

Start Date: Monday 25th November 2013
Early Bird: Monday 25th November 2013 – Book before 5pm Brisbane-time on the 15th November 2013 for a $75.00 discount – grab it while you can at $422.00!
Start Date: Monday 10th February 2014
Early Bird: Pay by Monday 13th January 2014 – Book before 5pm Brisbane-time for a $75.00 discount – grab it while you can at $422.00!

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Testimonials from happy clients of Teena HughesTeena your SEO training works! I just had to write to you as I am so excited! I just searched for my main 3-word keyword phrase and my site is now Postion 1 & 2 on both google.com.au and google.com – out of 1.5 MILLION results!!! I can’t believe it and I can’t thank you enough for your SEO Training!! Update  March 2013 – none of my pages have been affected by all the Google algorithm changes – Teena’s SEO was done properly, and brings new traffic every day!) Anca, AnkaDanka Designs, Australia
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