10 Great Apps when you are on the road

10 Great Apps When You Are On The Road


As some of you might be aware, I’ve recently moved from one city in Australia to another, and it was about 2,000kms of driving (that’s about 1,240 miles).

I’ve driven much further in the past, but never with a “smart phone” – my trusty iPhone 4S, so this trip was even more interesting because I could get some benefit out of Apps I’d installed on my phone.  I thought some of you might be interested to know which Apps I used the most, so today I’ve come up with a list of 10 for you.

I also decided to turn this info into a Podcast for those who’d rather listen than read – enjoy 🙂

Listen to the Podcast:

Apologies for the poor sound quality in the second half — I’m looking into this to see if I can fix it!

10 Great Apps when you are on the road

Transcript of Podcast

Hi there this is Teena Hughes with Episode #11 of my podcast — BUILD A BRAND, NOT JUST A WEBSITE.

I hope you’ve been having a fantastic week, wherever you are, and that you’re taking time out to smell the roses.  It’s easy for business and website owners to get caught up in trying to run their business without taking weekends, evenings or holidays — don’t be one of those.  You need time away from your computer and your business to rest, to give your brain time to daydream, and to reboot.  Be kind to yourself, ok?

Today’s podcast is called:  10 GREAT APPS WHEN YOU’RE ON THE ROAD

In the past couple of weeks a lot of things of been happening in my life — I packed up my apartment and my cat, and drove 2,000 kms north to a new life in a new part of Australia.  I’m now located on the Gold Coast, which is about half way up the east coast of Australia. weather’s great all year round, and the scenery is beautiful.

On the drive I knew I wouldn’t have internet access for quite a while, so I got to know my iPhone intimately.

If you’ve got a smart phone or device, and haven’t been able to get the internet on your laptop, you’ll know what I’m talking about.


From a social point of view, the first app I got a lot of use out of is VIBER.

This little beauty allows you to make calls and send texts anywhere in the world — for free — when you’re in a wifi — OR 3G — zone.  Getting messages and calls while I was on my travelling adventure kept my spirits high and entertained me when I took breaks every two hours to STOP, REVIVE, SURVIVE (which is a public service initiative here in Australia so people don’t fall asleep at the wheel on long trips).

I have friends in Iceland, Paris, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Mauritius and many other locations, and viber is a great way to connect with friends for free.

As soon as you install the App (desktop / Apps / Viber), it’ll ask for access to your phone contacts — say YES so it will immediately show you how many people you know are already using Viber.


If you’re not sure where to find wifi on your travels, I can recommend the App called WI-FI FINDER – just type in your location and find cafes etc where you can use the wifi.

McDonalds has wifi for free in every location worldwide, but in my experience I have only been able to get good wifi in 10% of places I
ve visited in Australia and in Paris.

To use wifi in cafes etc, all you have to do is ask if they have wifi, and ask what the login and password is.

Go to Settings / Wifi on your smart device,
click the button so it shows “ON”
the wifi locater will search for the cafe name etc
select it, and type in the password
every time you return to this location, it will automatically connect you to wifi


Now you might laugh at this one, but as a female travelling in a car, I always need to know where the nearest public toilet is.

This little App is fabulous, and has helped me in quite a few cities around the world 🙂


I love Skype — I use it to connect with clients, to train folks online, to chat with friends around the world, so when I found out there was an App, I was very excited!

Install the App and sign in and you’ll see your Skype contacts, pick one and make a video call.

This is fantastic – the only drawback is that you need to hold the phone while you’re talking and your arm might get tired.  You could always buy a smartphone tripod if you think you’ll use this a lot.


The Google Maps app is great, and gives directions whenever you need them. It’s pretty straight forward and this is one I use every day.


If you’ve got an iPhone, this is a MUST.  If for any reason you can’t locate your phone (lost? stolen? misplaced?), you can login using someone else’s iPhone and find the actual location of your phone. Love it!


I love taking photos and also making videos, especially for business, so I end up with a ton of images and videos.

I installed the Dropbox app and created an account, so as soon as I’m in a wifi zone, I select Dropbox and it starts uploading/copying/backing up my recent images and videos.  I like to know I have several backups of photos and videos, and this is so easy!


I manage all my personal and business email accounts through Gmail (it’s got the best anti-spam management!), as well as several client email accounts.

Having Gmail as an App on my iPhone just makes it so much easier when I’m on the move.


I quite enjoy listening to podcasts and this is great when you’re in a wifi zone.  Out of wifi, you’ll see a message asking if you’re ok to use Data from your phone Plan (at a cost), so be aware of that.

APP #10 – SIRI

Siri and I have become great friends on this trip, and I’ve been using her a LOT to get help.

By adding my current address to my phone Contact record, I can be anywhere and ask Siri to give me “directions home”.

This has been fantastic as I am unfamiliar with the streets — and I get a guided tour like a GPS to get me back to the “home” destination.

I have to admit that on one occasion recently I asked for directions from a coastal highway to the inland freeway, and like a lab rat I just did what I was told.  When Siri had me turn down a narrow one-lane road on a hilltop, I did wonder if this was wise.  When I hit the mountainous dirt track there was no turning back, and I just kept my fingers crossed while I was driving, and had to place all my trust in Siri.

The good news is she did guide me via what I considered to be a goat track, but to be fair she got me to my destination.  It was about 30 minuts of extreme nervousness on my part, but she came through — phew!!

Well that brings us to the end of these 10 Apps — if you enjoyed this let me know, and I’ll tell you about more Apps in an upcoming Podcast!

I’d love to hear from you about whether you have favourite Apps  on your smart device, what they are and why you like them. Feel free to post on iTunes, my website BizMarketinginaBox.com, on Facebook, Twitter etc.  I’ll share your recommendations on the upcoming Podcast, and I’m looking forward to hearing about some clever Apps I might not have used yet.

Time to round up this Podcast, so thanks for listening — it’s been fantastic chatting with you, and I hope to hear from you soon!

This is Teena Hughes, saying Ciao Ciao for now from Episode 11 of my Podcast — “10 Great Apps When You Are On The Road” — BUILD A BRAND, NOT JUST A WEBSITE.


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