How do I make marketing easier to manage? Is it possible?

004 – How do I make marketing easier to manage?

How do I make marketing easier to manage? Is it possible?

Today’s question: How do I make marketing easier to manage?

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Sometimes the marketing itself isn’t too hard to do, but it’s the “managing” of all those marketing efforts afterwards which can be a bit overwhelming.

With a bit of research and planning, you can use amazing free tools on the internet to help you with managing all your marketing efforts – here are some I use all the time, and can highly recommend:

#01 –Google +
Create a Google + page to match your website name & email name

#02 –Gmail
Create a Gmail email name and filter all your business emails into it to stop SPAM

#03 –Skype
Use video conferencing to reach people all over the world -for free

#04 –Dropbox
I use this to backup photos & videos from my iPhone, as well as excellent, secure storage for files

#05 –LastPass
Manage your passwords with ease, from any computer or smart device around the world

#06 –SurveyMonkey
Create questionnaires and quizzes to find out what your target market needs

#07 –Google Analytics
Got a website? Sign up using your Gmail account for powerful web statistics

#08 –Google Webmaster Tools
Gain insights into your website, and benefit from the suggestions

#09 —
Don’t want to use Microsoft Office? Use this software for docs, spreadsheets, presentations -everything!

#10 –Audacity
Need to capture audio on your computer? This software is fantastic!

These ten free tools and resources will help you get started with your business, without spending a cent 🙂

Check out the Marketing Dashboard >>

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, this Marketing Dashboard looks like a clever tool – I’ll report on it once I’ve had a chance to test it out.

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