Are your website, SEO and marketing efforts working well?

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Three things every business needs to be found online: website SEO and marketing

Are you thinking of building a website, or do you already have one but you’re struggling with how to get visitors and leads?

Whether you’re a new business owner, a new website owner, or you’ve had your business online for quite some time, if it’s time to take control of your website’s potential, let’s talk and work out which SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), video, marketing solutions and other help you may need.

“I don’t have a website.”
If you’re just starting out and would like some help to get a website online, let’s chat and work out exactly what you need. Learn more

“I need help with SEO.”
If you’re struggling to understand what SEO is and how to use it, my SEO Packages might be perfect for you. Learn more

“I need help with marketing.”
Are you overwhelmed just trying to work out what to do first? I’ve created some marketing systems to help business owners just like you.

Website SEO and Marketing options
“I need to redesign my website.”
Just like renovating a house, websites sometimes need a “fresh coat of paint”. I’d love to hear your ideas about how you’d like to bring your site up-to-date.
Website SEO and Marketing solutions
“I need video tutorials for my staff.”
Having videos lessons for all your business and website processes means no more down-time – let’s outline your business processes and see what you need.
Website SEO and Marketing options
“I want to use content marketing.”
Fantastic! Understanding how important this is means you’re already ahead of your competitors. Let’s chat about the best way forward.
Website SEO and Marketing solutions
“I want to publish a book”
Being a published author gives you great credibility online & offline. I can help you take this wonderful step. Read more >>
Website SEO and Marketing solutions
Free Website Review
Got a website already but no traffic, no new clients? Let me have a look and provide the top 7 tips to improve your website. Read more >>
Website SEO and Marketing solutions
“I need more info.”
You might find some of my articles help to clarify what it’s all about, in easy-to-understand bite-sized pieces.  Read more >>

Have you been worried that your website isn’t performing well enough by bringing you potential new clients, or your business isn’t doing as well as you’d like? If your questions aren’t covered by any of the options above, please let me know by email or phone (0408-801-808) — I offer a lot of different solutions which are tailored for each individual business owner, and it’s quite possible I can help.

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I’ve worked with amazing clients, who’ve very kindly sent me these Testimonials:

Testimonials from happy clients of Teena HughesI have met Teena through Flying Solo and I am glad! Teena is a very enthusiastic person, passionate about what she invests her time in and is also so much fun to have a chat with, she is real! What I really like about Teena is that not only her expertise covers anything from the thinking to the doing about your brand or business but she will also ensure you reassess your priorities and tackle one thing at a time. If you were looking for a competent soul to assist you with your business & want to say good bye to procrastination, Teena is your Woman! (Dec 2012) Alex, Founder & Principal Teacher @ Beyoutiful Yoga
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